Monday, January 16, 2012

A challenge for you and I!

Ok i'm a member of the Rock the Shot forum and I tell you it is awesome. The photography world is a VERY competitive and judgmental world. I just ignore it and go at my own pace and don't act like I know everything, because I honestly don't think you can know everything when it come to photography. There is so much to know and things are always changing etc. This forum is so non-judgmental and SO helpful and friendly!! They help you with any question you ask, whether you are thinking about photography, just starting or even a seasoned pro. It's great.
Anyways, they have a monthly challenge and it was a self-portrait challenge. Immediately I said, ha no. I have a secret. I have a fear of posting pictures of myself, let alone ones of JUST ME! I don't ever want to look vain, or the ones you see that say, "I know i'm hot!" ha
So after reading their status updates over and over on how to "go join this months challenge" I decided it would definitely be a challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone. So I did it. I sat down with my camera today and took shot after shot of myself at different angles, different face expressions etc. I tell you it's all in the angles!
So I submitted one, Dust helped me pick one, but it was fun. I actually don't care to win because I accomplished something I was afraid of. I did post a pic of myself on fb not too long ago and there was a comment made that wasn't meant to be rude but it kind of hit me wrong, especially because I already felt uncomfortable posting it and I swore I would never post a pic of myself alone again. So this was a huge step for me and I decided who cares, just do it! Besides, I usually only ever take pics of myself on "good" days so my kids can remember me "normal" and not just in Dustin's extra large t-shirts, sweats, messy bun and left over make-up from the day before... So it's like once a week I look human. On Sunday's, or if I have to leave the house. Remember i'm kind of a hermit in the winter.

SO, I know I have a ton of friends who blog or read my blog and I noticed I only have a small handful, actually more like 2 of you, who EVER post pics of yourselves on facebook or your blog. People, your kids are cute, but I want to see your face too! I don't care how fat/ugly/not cute you think you are etc. So, SO my friends, I want you to take a picture of yourself that you love, just one, and please email it to me and I want to edit it for you! You don't have to have a fancy camera and no KIDS! Just YOU!
Email it to mindyfrancis{at}hotmail{dot}com and put "photo of me" in the subject line. I'll give it until the end of the week and see how many people I get! I also want you all to POST your photo, either on facebook or your blog and tell me where you post it so I can see!!! That's right! POST IT!

Here are a couple tips for taking your own photo that i've learned,

1. The best time to do it is in a lot of natural light, so in front of a big window during the day is best.

2. Really play with your angles, crop things off, and don't be afraid to zoom in. My favorite photos are close ups. The tiniest movement can make a huge difference, ie: just move your eyes around, or tilt your head etc.

3. Use your self timer or tripod, it makes it a lot easier than trying to hold it.

4. It took me about 50 shots to get 2 good ones, so take a lot of shots!

So go pull out your camera and send them to me!

Here is mine...


Amy said...

Gorgeous!! I may try this.... If I do I'll email it to you so you can edit it and make me look good :)

Lachele said...

awesome challenge.. I'll see what I can do about getting one sent to you! Maybe you can make me look hot.

Baker Family said...

I don't EVER EVER EVER take pictures of myself either but MINDY... that is BEAUTIFUL!! You my friend are gorgeous!!! Good post and great pict! Beautiful missy!

Amie said...

Humm, I'll think about it.. Lately I feel like self photos just aren't working for me. Love your photos though! Maybe next post you can post a photo of you how you are "normally"- in Dustins shirt and messy ponytail. haha! I bet you look so hot!!

Christine Peterson said...

I saw this pic on Pinterest and I thought ohhh that's nice. I like it!

Kaeloni said...

Gorgeous picture!