Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9 month pox

I blended my topics into one, because I can.
Let's start with pox. Jayci and Presley have the chicken pox. yay! Actually i'm glad. If they get it now, it's better because if they get it when they are older they have a higher chance of it being worse and it developing into the Shingles. Yuk. I've spoken to the health link and what they are finding is that kids who have been immunized with only the one dose (you get the second one when you are 13) are getting them and that this new strain of pox is different, it's not as bad and they aren't all blistery and they clear up faster. So they are maybe going to eventually move into getting kids to have 2 doses because they originally thought one was enough. So Presley had 3 spots yesterday morning and they are almost gone. Jayci on the other had got a few more today, not terrible and she is totally acting fine and not even really complaining about them. So they aren't too concerned about them and said to just keep the two of them home for a few days until they crust over. So if anyone wants their kids to get it now, come on over!!

These are Jayci's chicken pox today. 
Her stomach is not even half of this and then a couple on her thighs and a couple on her face.

Next, this little peanut isn't staying so little! She is now 9 months old! Ya it's crazy.
She is still the most amazing baby in the world. She is a little more needy now though since she is at the "mom don't leave the room" stage. Which isn't even bad because the girls play with her constantly so it distracts her from me being busy with other fun things, such as cleaning the house and cooking...
She is a terrible eater though! I have an appointment with the pediatrician on the 20th. She hates anything with chunks, she actually gags on them, even the tiniest bit. I tried it again yesterday and she actually did a lot better. Her helpings are tiny too! She hardly eats anything at meal time and she shuts her lips so you can't even get food in. Drives me crazy. But that is her only fault! She still pretty much sleeps through the night, here and there she wakes up and we just get her a bottle and she goes back out, but for the most part she is great! She learned to clap the other day, goes up the stairs, and will let go when standing on things. She looks too tiny to be doing that. She is really starting to catch onto things. I'm not sure how much she weighs, she had her shots right before Christmas and she was 18lbs, 50th percentile and I forget her height but it was around the 45th percentile.

We sure love her!!
I also love how her tongue sticks out all the time!

What a doll eh? We think so!


The Anderson Family said...

Those pictures of Laken are so cute! And Tobin will be over tomorrow just to make sure he gets the pox!!

Jennie Holt said...

man she is gorgeous!! hope the twins feel better soon!

Meagan M said...

Yay and boo for the chicken pox! I had them when I was a baby...and then I got shingles...and I'm still not immune. So I hate them!! But it's nice to know your girls got such a mild case.

I can't believe how big Laken is getting. She's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Fun Mindy! I was thinking about chicken pox yesterday and was texting all my friends to let us know if their kiddos get any pox anytime soon as it seems to be going around. Any way I was hoping for a pox party but live nowhere near you lol. My gma saw a glimpse of Laken and she's a highly superstitious woman. She said if you have another, it'll be a boy. She's been accurate with the sex of ours. Love reading your updates! Thanks for sharing!

Luiz N. Vieira said...

linda família!
Parabéns que Deus continue abençoando todos vocêw.