Tuesday, December 13, 2011


What's a better word than busy? Because that's what i've been!

I'm on the Enrichment committee and I got put in charge of the craft for the Christmas Activity so we did the wood letters. Well they got ordered under someone else's name who had to leave out of town the day before the activity for a family emergency, and they came that day. So I went to get them but I wasn't her so they wouldn't let me pick them up. Luckily someone worked at the pharmacy right beside the post office they knew so she got them for us!! Lucky! Well then, I got home and saw the box and knew that it wasn't big enough. Turns out we were missing 2 more boxes. Needless to say it was chaos trying to get them for that night and we ended up only getting one more. Oh well it worked out and ladies had fun making what orders we did have. We scheduled a second night to finish them this last Thursday and we were still missing some letters but over all it worked out. We just had to re order some words. I'm so grateful for the patient ladies in our ward and how supportive and helpful they were through it all. I was a little stressed out at first because I always want everything perfect, so it sucked there was nothing I could do about it.

Can you believe how awesome this Santa picture is? It's a picture on my phone of the actual photo so it's blurry. But they photographer couldn't believe them and how they were all looking and smiling! He also wanted me and Dust in the picture. Maybe next year. Or porbably not. I was in the one last year, which will not be shown, because I was fat and pregnant and it is not cute. Yes i'm selfish and care about me in that situation. ha.

Next. This is the second time i've typed this out, I wanted to add one picture from my iphone and it deleted the majority of my post. Sucky.
Ok I was in charge of the decorations for our ward Christmas party. I got the idea to get glass bottles and spray paint them and roll them in epsom salts from online. It looks like snow. Cute. Then I wanted to get stick from the woods and spray paint them silver and glue leaves all over them cut from old books. Then we put them on doilies on silver table cloths, the bottles were all different sizes and in the center of the tables we did two bottles, one big and one small and then we got Christmas decoration balls in silver, white and two different shades of purple and put them at the base. It looked so awesome. It was classic and vintage. I had so much help from Becky, and Jill came to help set up. Thanks girls! I couldn't have done it without them!
I also got so many compliments on it so it was totally worth it! It looked way better in person!


The last picture is proof I don't always get cooperative children. Laken is ticked we took her bottle away for a picture. Ha. Plus the twins smiles lately are so awesome, but they sure practice them!

So I have 3 dentist appts for myself this week. I don't want to talk about it. I also need to post Kyla's Christmas concert which got deleted from this post. But right now i'm going to eat some cheesecake pumpkin pie. So good.


The Pratts said...

Isn't December crazy? Looks like you've been up to lots. I loved your decorations at the ward party, and your kids Santa picture is amazing! I was laughing while you talked about last year's picture, because just last week we went to see Santa, and Ivy was screaming so I got to be in it while fat and pregnant! Haha.

Jennie Holt said...

so cute! love the bottles they look awesome!! your picture with santa is outta control perfect!

The Harker Family said...

Oh Mindy I can't wait for you to put up the tutorial for those letters....I've been waiting for it so I can do some in my baby's room! I LOVE the Christmas decorations you did. Soooo super cute. Oh and gorgeous pics of all the girls. They are so adorable!!!! You and Dustin look fab too!!!!