Monday, December 05, 2011

Me time!

So this past year i've been putting a lot of effort into getting some ME time, without kids, responsibilities or anything of the sort! I have found it to be really important for me to have this and I'm pretty sure that is how I stay sane. I used to feel selfish if I thought that way, but you HAVE to be. Mom's deserve to have fun too! For a long time i've been wanting to get into a dance class and I wanted to take hip hop but they didn't offer that class anymore at the college dance academy, they offer it I think at the other two studios in town but lets just say, the classes at the college at $550 and they were the cheapest! Ya crazy eh? Hence why Kyla is the only one in ballet! ha.

Anyways, Becky and I decided to try something different out for fun and we heard they had belly dancing classes here so we signed up! It was 10 classes and tons of fun! It was once a week on wednesday nights, and I LOVED getting that time to myself once a week. I'm serious if I had some good advice for moms out there, this would be it. Do something for yourself!!

So last night we performed at a restaurant with some other students and it was so much fun! The class started out with like 8 student, and there was another class too with a few students, but by the end the only ones who would perform were Becky and I! We obviously are beginners and I was SO nervous at first, but then once we started everyone was so happy and cheering for us and so we just had fun! I did video it but I think Becky would kill me if I posted it! ha.

Me and Becky before!

And this ones for Dustin...
So we are probably going to continue with it and maybe try out different styles, they have swords, canes, Gypsy and more! I think the Gypsy would be so fun!

ps: i'm getting my hair done on Thursday, what should I do?? Nothing drastic though.


Jeff and Brit said...

The belly dancing looks like a ton of fun! That's awesome that only you and Becky performed lol. Go you girls! I better be seeing this video! Love ya!

Ashley said...

That looks like fun! It really is important to get that time to yourself when your a mom.

kelsey said...

Where's your sparkly bikini top?!?! hehehe. You are brave. But I totally agree, you need to find something just for you to get out even for a little while each week.

The Harker Family said...

Oh my gosh Mindy you look so dang cute and sexy in your belly dancer suit! I LOVE it. I was shocked when I saw that some of the others were bare belly...brave! Ha! So glad you are doing something for yourself! I TOTALLY agree! As a mom you need to make sure you take care of yourself so that you can take care of your kids. Just like on a plane they tell the parents "Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then on your children to ensure that you are able to help them". Same thing in life!