Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About ME

That's right. Me.
In honor of my birthday coming up, (in 24 days) I thought it would only be appropriate I blog about the one and only, Moi.

Well i'm pretty boring actually. This week i've made a few discoveries. I know how to make a hideous face. My sister Britt can make the best ugly faces and she is always trying to teach me.

See. Oh and ignore my double chin, this was in May and I just had a baby, ok!

I guess not all of us have the gift of being ugly. (Britt you LOVE me!)
So I found a good one! Dustin told me so, he said it was really ugly and to never do it again. So obviously I did it over and over. Wanna try it? First of all you have to be in the mood, if you're not in the mood, leave and come back later. Ok AND you can't have ANY make up on and can't shower that day... or the day before. Listen carefully, smile as big as you can without showing any teeth. Stretch it way out there. Just when you think it's as far as it can go, go further. Next. Flare your nostrils. Now take a picture of yourself. There, you are ugly.
Your welcome.
Did you just do it while reading this? I bet you did. baha!

Oh and i'd post my beautiful picture but i'm not with the times and don't have a cool Iphone or anything similar where I can upload my phone pics to the internet. Soon my friends, soon.

I also discovered something else, I was a little shocked. I was reaching up into the cupboard to put some cups away from the dishwasher, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye swinging. I looked over and it was my ARM! I have Oprah arms!!!! Holy mother. It was like it was yelling at me, "Mindy, it's time to work out!" Alright. I'm on it. Tomorrow.

So my sister, Kristy, called me the other day with the best idea for a costume for me for Halloween. She sent me the link and I clicked. And saw this..

Now the story to go with this was one of those I don't like to share, so you better be grateful. When I was in grade 4, my mom thought it was an awesome idea to dress me up as a CHRISTMAS TREE. I somehow went along with it. Red balls, star cone hat and all. I don't remember a lot of that halloween, probably because i've suppressed that memory for some odd reason, but I do remember walking into my classroom at school and everyone laughing! Terrible. After that everything is a  blur...
So Kristy pretty much peed herself from laughing while seeing this and she's all like, "MINDY, WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING HARDER?!"
Hilarious Kristy. Hilarious.

So here is what i'm asking for for my birthday. After all the gifts are what make the birthday, right?

A mac desktop
Jo tote camera bag
New lens
Leg warmers
New boots
New heels
Friends seasons, and Reba. I play shows while editing pics and i've run out of recorded shows on my pvr.

Your welcome mom. Usually she asks what I want and I say, "I don't know" Well this year you have plenty of options to choose from. You can pick more than one of you want. I won't stop you.



The Anderson Family said...

Hahaha nice! Why havn't I seen this wonderfully ugly face you can make! I only see you well pretty much everyday. I'll have to find something REAL good for your birthday... like maybe a plastic suit for dumpster diving?! Thats kinda what the last picture looks like except it's a nice clean one. But if i get you the plastic suit you can jump in anything! Thanks for the laugh today.

Randy and Capri Bird said...

This just made me laugh. I needed this. Thanks :)

Kristy and Strphaie were just here. I wish they told me about the costume! So funny.

P.S. I did make the face, HAHAHA

Jeff and Brit said...

Funny Min, just hilarious... ahha ok it was pretty good! And thanks for making me famous and being jealous of me because I'm awesome at what I do lol. I'm starting tutorials so anyone who would like some help, let me know! THE CHRISTMAS TREE! OH MAN! The best! Now you need to find an old picture of you in your costume and post it... Or I will. Yes I think I will :P Love ya!