Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Kyla is in Kindergarten! She started yesterday and she was so adorable. She was so excited. I was in bed and she came to wake me up to find her some schools clothes. This was at 7am, she didn't start until 12:30...

She looked adorable! Today was her first day on the bus and I was a little nervous because the buses have been a gong show! One kid was put on the wrong bus after school, some were waiting almost 2 hours for their kid to get home and so on! So Jill went to the school to make sure they got there ok. They did, about 40 mins late! They are really unorganized this year. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon. I did tear up a bit when she got on the bus. But that's about all. It wasn't much different this year from last year, so she jumped right in and knew what to do. She barely even said bye to me! She has one same teacher this year and a few of the same friends from preschool, so that's nice for her.

I love her little nervous smile.

 Getting on the bus!! So freakin cute. Tear.


Meagan M said...

Bahhhh...this kind of stuff makes me want to cry!! So adorable...but who said these kids could grow up??

Kelli Olsen said...

Kindergarten is such a big step for us parents isn't it! Seriously, how can a little girl have such beautiful hair. I want it!