Sunday, April 03, 2011

She's 5!

Well technically tomorrow she is 5. But seriously, I can't believe it's been 5 years since we had our first baby, and now she is too smart for her own good and we love her!

She requested a Hannah Montana Party, which we had yesterday with a few of her friends. I thought it'd be easy to find decorations or anything Hannah Montana, but nope. Almost every place I found it was discontinued so there was nothing left or they didn't ship to Canada, luckily a friend suggested Zellers, which I never go to because ours is pretty sad sometimes. But I found everything! It was perfect, plates, cups, tablecloth, banner, balloons, streamers, bags, crowns, wrapping paper and of course the cake was all Hannah Montana. She was loving every minute of it.

We made the traditional breakfast (waffles and cool whip with strawberries on the side for Kyla and orange juice) and she wouldn't stop saying thank you, it was so cute. She kept saying, "I love my birthday!" She was really grateful for everything and was enjoying every second of the attention.

The party was crazy, but a success! I'm just happy I didn't go into labour before it. She invited 6 of her girl friends, plus Jayci and Presley, and Tobin. Poor Tobin was the only boy besides Dustin and at the beginning of the party jumped off the couch and sprained his ankle and could hardly walk. I don't know what's with toddlers and spraining their ankles but it seems like it's the thing to do lately.

The girls had a blast. Kyla planned her entire party, she wanted makeovers, pinata, and to watch the Hannah Montana concert video, which we didn't even have time for and games. I was worried 2 hours would be too much time but we actually ran out of time and didn't even get to play the games she wanted. Oh well. She had a blast being "in charge" of the makeovers and I bought a make up set for them to use, luckily most the colors were clear, or really pale, so all the moms didn't hate me after!

The pinata was hilarious. We couldn't find Kyla's sponge baseball bat so we had to use a real bat. Dustin pretty much held onto it the whole time while they swung, and the kids wanted to run and get every candy that fell so we had to make sure they didn't swing and hit them, it was funny and stressful at the same time!

So that was pretty much her party! I got a Dairy Queen cake this year because it was the easiest thing and all she requested was Hannah Montana was on it with her name. So luckily I found an image online, took it to Sobey's and they put it on a sheet of edible icing paper, and then took it to Dairy Queen and they put it on and decorated it. It turned out perfect and I was so happy how easy it was, you know being hugely pregnant and all.

Birthday Breakfast!

Check out how long her hair is. She wanted it done like Hannah Montana with a flower in it.

Jayci, playing with her belly button, as always! (Is that normal??)

Pres sayin cheese!

I wanted to get a picture with my 3 girls and this is what I got.

They were laughing so hard being crazy, and this was BEFORE the party.

ps: check out Jayci (left), AGAIN, playing with her belly button. She's a chronic.

The party girls eating some food. We just had fruit and veggies and cheese. Perfect and easy just my style this year and maybe all the rest to come!

The 3 hoodlums, they hardly made a peep the whole party. It was so weird.

Opening presents. She got spoiled!

Doing makeovers


Jill and Tobin

The Cake, she loved it.

All her gifts!

A couple things about Kyla lately.

She has decided what she wants to be when she grows up - an artist, a ballerina, a rock star, and a cowgirl. She's ambitious what can I say. She is seriously the best big sister, the other day she was sitting on the floor with the little girls and they had all their little figurine dolls and she was asking them, "who is taller, Dora or sleeping beauty?" They'd answer "Sleeping beauty!" she'd say, "Right!" and she did this for every one. It was so cute. She speaks to them exactly how I do and most the time they listen, she's like a mini me and copies what I say when i'm saying it to them. She's more like an echo, I guess, it's great. She is exactly like me when I was her age. At least I know she'll turn out perfect. ha

She is doing awesome in school, we had her parent teacher interview last week and they said she is the best student and great to have in class and she is excelling in everything they learn. She's always been my overly smart child.

So those are just a few things she's been up to lately. I'll have to do a huge update post on all the girls, because these little twins are getting so big and so smart. They are hilarious.

I'm thinking of letting Kyla plan Jayci and Presley's party. Jayci wants a Princess party, and Presley wants Dora. Nice. I knew this would happen one day. They definitely are set on it and don't forget it and are even panning the details such as Dora and Princess cakes. Separate of course. Oh well i'm all for making it their own.

So it was another successful party!

Happy Birthday Big girl, we love you!


mad about him!!! said...

i remember when she was just a teeny baby and you brought her to aunt gail's...time flies!!!!! she really is turning out to be like you, i should know...i'm old enough to remember babysitting YOU! lol glad the party went well and you kept the baby inside so she could have an awesome day! i hope i get that lucky when meg's grad comes!!!! good luck!

henline crew said...

crazy that she is 5! happy birthday Kyla!

Ashley said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy 5th birthday Kyla!

And don't worry about Jayci. I'm sure she'll grow out of it. I had a nephew who wouldn't stop playing with his belly button. He called it his belly buddy! My sister used to put bib overalls and a onesie on him to keep him from playing with it but he played with it until it would turn so red...

The Pratts said...

Happy Birthday to Kyla! Thank goodness you didn't have an April Fool's Day baby after all, then what would yo have done?! :) Looks like she had a great day! Her hair is AWESOME by the pretty!

Jeff and Brit said...

Awe!!! I can't believe she is getting so big and already 5! Her party turned out so cute and I'm sure she loved being the center of attention and being in charge lol. That's Kyla! I will definitely call on her "real birthday" to sing happy birthday lol! And with all the hard work into the cake, it turned out super cute! Good job DQ!!! I love her hair too! It is gorgous and I decided don't cut it... for now lol. Love ya!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to Kyla!

Wow. Awesome mom you are. Everything turned out perfectly. Great cake!

AKutarna said...

Mindy, Kyla is seriously gorgeous! Looks like she had an awesome birthday party!

Jordana said...

I can't believe she's 5, that sounds so big! Jayna had so much fun at the party. She kept saying it was a Anna Ontana party and she likes to sing songs, haha! I'm glad Kyla had a fun day, I love how important birthdays are to 5 year olds, it's so cute!

Carolyn said...

I love her hair! She's so darn cute. Looks like a fun party.

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