Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday I turned 25 finally. Yes i'm young, but I finally feel old enough to say I have 3 kids (one on the way), 25 is like a legit adult or something. Ya it makes sense to me, don't worry about it.

So it was the perfect day for me. I normally am all over Dustin about my birthday asking him if he got me something yet, or has anything planned. Of course I don't want to know any of it though, since I love surprises! We all know this. So he asked me what kind of birthday I wanted this year and I said something low key maybe with a few friends at most, nothing huge. I'm so distracted right now that I forgot all week so many times it was my birthday and it wasn't really at the top of my list. So that's what I wanted and it was exactly perfect.

Dustin let me sleep in till 9, amazing in itself. Then he made me my favorite breakfast, waffles with whip cream and strawberries, with a vanilla bean starbucks left over from the night before as my drink. It was awesome. Then we spent the day with the girls and had to do some running around and get prepared for the cold weather that I know will come out of the blue sooner than later. If your not prepared early enough up here, it snows and everything is off the shelves and your outta luck. So Kyla needed a winter coat, and they all needed boots and gloves. So it was kind of priority to have this ready, especially with Kyla in school they go outside a lot and her fall coat no longer zips up, so that's useless until I get a new zipper in it. Anyways, so we came back home and the girls gave me cards they made and lots of hugs, and we got ready for Dust to take me out to dinner with just us. I haven't been out for a while so it felt nice even though I was exhausted from running around. He surprised me with some of our friends at the restaraunt and we had so much fun. Then we went back to Kimball and Becky's house and my smart husband had an angel food cake (my favorite), made by Jill, there for me! He did great. I didn't want to plan anything, or know anything. I just said he can plan it, big or small, and i'll be happy. I'm glad he had some friends there, because we had a ton of fun. It was a perfect day and I got everything I wanted.

Dustin does have a gift for me picked out, but it's on hold until he goes back to work. We are in his last week of school! He is writing his finals all week, so we are looking forward to normal paychecks again. I told him not to get me anything because there are other priorities (like winter stuff for the kids) that needed to be bought and i'm totally fine with that. I don't need gifts to make me happy, I have my beautiful family and that's good enough!

ha ok whatever, gifts are awesome and who doesn't love being spoiled. I do! but I can wait I guess. It better be good. Just kidding. Kind of.

I didn't get any pictures with our friends, we totally forgot, so this is all we took for the day.

Gettin cards from the girls

My new favorite picture of me and Jayci

And one with Pres, love her.

Hugs for my girls

I had no boyfriends, sorry dust.

ps: my hair is faded and red, not what it's gonna be. I'm doing it again this week darker. It's a process going from blonde to brown. Again. Meh, it works.


Amie said...

I like the Dark color on you Mind!! You birthday sounds like it was a good day! I wanna know what Dustin will get you, hehe!

Arrington's said...

Happy Birthday! I just turned 27 now I really feel legit:) I like the dark as well fun for the winter

Lynn said...


Oh to be 25 again. ; D

The Harker Family said...

Happy Birthday Mindy!!!!! Sounds like you had a blast!!!!!

Megan LePard said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had an awesome day!!

henline crew said...

Sounds like an awesome day. I love low key. I also like the brown. Lookin' good!

kelsey said...

happy birthday. i need that cake, riiiiiight about. . . now.

p.s. norah's hair wasn't curled in that picture, just a little wet. it is curly when wet and always looks so cute. . . then it dries--- poker straight! so weird. random. . .

The Anderson Family said...

It was a fun night. I'm glad you had fun. Travis is going to pick up your present today I hope when he gets home from work. Hopefully you like it!!

ashley said...

Your hair looks really good that color! Happy birthday! You seem like an awesome mom!