Friday, July 23, 2010

Good kids or lazy mom.

So I have amazing kids.

Really I do. They are super independent and when you have more than one child they keep each other occupied and play together which I love. Sometimes it turns into fighting and that's not the best but you know what I mean. So being summer and all I am loving this warm weather and enjoying as much as I can, by keeping myself couped up in our small house... Ok maybe not all the time but this week I have been and I hate it! I need to get out and do stuff, so I decided to start going to the park by myself with just the kids, which is huge for me. My kids love the park and don't want to leave and sometimes there are tantrums and i'm dragging both twins out of there, which isn't so fun for me. So I kinda dread the park. I love when people are there though because the kids just play. But our van tire got a nail in it a couple days ago and I don't really feel like going downtown and getting it fixed yet. I'm gonna call today and get an appointment and get it fixed tomorrow. So this week we've spent a lot of time in the backyard and i've been working on my tan in my swimsuit. I think the sweeper boys in the parking lot enjoyed it yesterday. They kinda came out of nowhere and just so happened to sweep the same spot for 20 minutes right in line sight with me. I got a kick out of it though. Speaking of being attractive, Just kidding. But no really. We had to get our furnaces all cleaned out by a company, full of men. They came to my house over a week ago and the main guy has stopped by 4 times since then. 4 times! Not obvious at all. He seems to come up with these "furnace" reasons too. Like I really care how a thermal set up works. BUT We have had some MAJOR bills these last two winters and he said a lot of people have been saying the same things so he so kindly "had" to find out why since he studied them back home. Anyways so he's been back here telling me all this new info. (Like our bills are insane, like $800 insane when it's super cold) ya I know. I've tried looking into it a lot. My energy company said we use the same amount of electricity as a large farm! Retarded right? So he told me that I just shouldn't turn it up more than 22-23 in the winter or else the auxiliary will kick in and so two things are running and it will jack my bill.... or something like that. Anyways so I figured on average our heat is at 73ish, yes it's in Fahrenheit, not sure why but don't worry my "furnace man" will look into it for me. He said so the last time he came, which was yesterday. Anyways so that converts to 22C. So who knows whats going on but it's retarded and we pretty much have to save up for our heat bills in the winter.

Dustin asks me everyday, so did the furnace guy stop by and I laugh since it was like a week since he came last and then he showed up the next day. I guess this is what stay at home moms do? just kidding. But it's funny.

Anyways that is not what I planned on blogging about, but it just kinda came out.

Getting back to what I was saying. Not that it makes much sense. But i've been super bored this week. Got me thinking. When moms aren't cleaning, taking care of the kids or cooking, what do we do? Seriously. Ya I could do a project, but no I don't really care to pull out crafts lately, no desire at all. I could read, wait I did do that. I read 8 books in 2 weeks. So that shows that either A, i'm lazy, or B, I have really good kids and can clean really fast. I'll answer that for you so you don't get the wrong idea, it's B. Well, "some" days maybe A.

I don't have kids in activities yet, or school, so it's not like my schedule is full of anything major. Dustin is working lots because he starts school on August 30th again. We aren't taking holidays so I have nothing to look forward too, which is fine because we knew this year would be like this with him in school twice. Everyone else I know is ON holidays so not much is going on around this happenin town.

I am still a busy mom with these little girls. More mentally than anything. Kyla wears me out just herself with all her questions and talking and if you don't answer right away she keeps saying it over and over and louder each time until you devoted all your attention to what she is saying. I love her and her smartness but she wears my brain out. I love the stage these girls are at too because they are out of the mischievous stage and just like to play with each other, dance a lot, and love their movies. They also love to read books, color (not on walls thank goodness anymore, you were all right when you said soon that stage will be over, and i'm happy it is) and I bought these flash cards with colors, and shapes etc so we've been going over them. Kyla knew all her shapes, colors and could count to 10 at this age. So I am pushing them to learn them. Just kidding. They love them though.

We've also been working on the potty thing. Here's a little update. I didn't want to worry about pushing them to be trained in a few days, I just wanted to see how they would react first, kinda feel it out. They love their potty's, hate being in diapers, and have had A LOT of accidents. Not once have we hit the potty. So now I just have to try getting them to sit on the potty for more than 2 minutes. I'm not sure if they quite get "that sensation" of having to go. So we'll see. I don't want to be too lenient now that we've started so i'll try a little more in the next few days and see what comes of it. In the meantime they have been bottomless, a lot.n Pull ups I think are ridiculous because to them they feel the same as diapers and honestly I don't see how they are different from diapers other than you can pull them up and down. My girls could care less about them being different. Plus they are so expensive. So I hate potty training and I need to dedicate myself a little more if I want to get it done and I know that. It IS a lot of work, and with two they influence each other. So if one says no, so does the other one. That sucks.
So we'll keep at 'er.

Sorry no pics, our camera battery died and I haven't charged it yet because i've been so busy, doing nothing. Besides there is not much to take pictures of, our life is pretty low key, or boring in other words, right now. Nothing amazing happening. Give me a few weeks i'll see if I can cause some drama around here.


Cat said...

Hey Mindy! So glad you are doing well! Love the pics you guys look GREAT and I hear you are really happy waaaay up north :) The girls are so big now! Looking forward to following your blog cause it's such a great way to keep up with everyone. Hugs from the Petersens waay down south ha ha

kelsey said...

oh my. i don't even want to think about doubling up children with potty training. i'm so completely exhausted from it, i might die. . . being 35 weeks pregnant doesn't help, but still. GOOD LUCK. i have to put norah in a pull-up for naps and at night, cause she isn't dry all night yet. . . what do you do at night, or are they dry throughout?!?!

gah. . . that's all, i guess. i'm just glad i'm not the only one doing this right now! lol.

Alison said...

Ok. first off, no more swimsuit in the backyard! You need to hit the beach or somewhere where there are no creepy sweeper boys! I always think it's funny when guys hit on chicks with kids. I'll be walking with all 4 of my kids and get whistled at! It's just creepy! Anyways, we gotta meet at that park by your house this week. I'll let you know when we're there next time for sure!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Hey Mindy, just a thought about he pottying, Owen has never used a potty, just a seat on the toilet, maybe that will work for the girls?