Saturday, July 10, 2010

Am I crazy?

Potty training + Twins = Disaster

Right?? Thats what I think anyways. Jayci and Presley have really shown an interest in the potty in the last month and I thought....maybe I should start training them? So I tried, I took all their bottoms off and just let them run around naked for a bit, (maybe an hour or two). Jayci ended up peeing on the floor, then it was nap time so I had to put diapers on and I gave up. I knew I needed A LOT more motivation than that. So this last 2 weeks, they have told me everytime they pee or poop, and say "me poopy" over and over until I change them. They hate having wet diapers and want to be changed right away. So I read online today about potty training and it talked about how not to ignore the signs and that's a big one when they are telling you they need to be changed.

I'm thinking, how crazy am I? I wanted to wait a while before even trying because i'm terrified. But could you imagine how much money we would save on diapers!? So the girls and I took a trip to Wal-mart this morning. We got them their own potty's, since they would fight over Kyla's old one and it's big and I can't buy one of them a new one and the other one get the old one, the fights won't be worth it. I also got this awesome little potty training set up with stickers and everything, some pull-ups (included in the set), and even some panties. They love it. I don't want to push to hard, if they aren't ready that's ok with me! I'm so nervous. After having some MAJOR MAJOR issues with Kyla, which are still going on with her bowel movements/constipation, i'm dreading the same problems with them.

So wish me luck and we'll see how this goes! By the way we figured out how much money we've spent on diapers since they were born and it's about $1500-$2000. Almost makes you want twins eh?? (That's not including the pull-ups for Kyla with her issues, which I can't bring myself to post about because I want to cry when I really think about it)

Here are the girls with their new pottys! If I was a good mom I would have gotten them the Dora ones, but at $25 These are small too, so they'll both fit in our bathroom.

here's the set I got them, it's made by Pull-ups and it was in the infant section. What a great idea!

There's a sticker chart and stickers, and pullups all included.

Well i'll keep you posted. I still think i'm crazy for even trying. Especially since Jayci just peed on my feet...


Mindi said...

Well, with Jack it was a brutal process of constant wetting, pull-ups (those are stinkin' expensive), but with determination and staying inside for at least 3 days, he's kinda got it. I still put him in pullups to go places, and at bed, but STICK TO IT. Seriously, do not give up, or you will miss your window and your girls will grow up with issues. Good luck!

the fellers said...

haha, peed on your that last little tid bit....but I TOTALLY Understand what you mean, rylee wants to go so bad, but then doesnt, I am so terrified to try with her, cause Scoty was so hard, that set thing is so cool, I havent seen it down here, maybe I will have to see if they have it when I am in Canada and bring it back....I want to wait till I get home from there to try, is that selfish? I dont want to be dealing with a potty training kid while traveling 12 hours! each way...haha...keep us totally posted on how it goes, I am so curious and want to start so bad!

Megan said...

good luck. Brian is basically trained, but Elijah isn't yet. He is close, but just needs more consistency on my part. Have fun!!

kelsey said...

ha. i hear you. . . not about the twins part, but i feel like norah is ready, and i AM NOT. i'm having a baby in 7 weeks for heck sakes, who wants to potty train right now? she is constantly taking off her diaper and has been telling me every time she is dirty for months now.

i just don't want to. i'd rather change the diaper than deal with it right now, so good luck. . . i'll be anxious to see how it goes!!!

Ashley said...

Good Luck! Potty training is a scary time. Jensen is showing interest and telling us when he has to go poo but I'm too lazy to start trying. So good for you! Twins would be hard to train! Training one is bad enough! But maybe it'll be better because they have a friend to train with!

Janas Bananas said...

Oh man, I hated potty training 1!! I love the little trunk though, I would like to hear how it worked for you. Girls are suppose to be easier so here is hoping for a fast training!!

Korey said...

Good luck! Kaleigh wasn't too hard to potty train, it just took a long time. The thing that worked for us was letting her run around with nothing on her bottom whenever we were home. When she had to go, she would ask for a pull-up and that's how I knew to put her on her toilet. Sticker charts are awesome. I made one like Jill had for Emma and Kaleigh LOVED using it. When she was going pee by herself, she started only getting the stickers for going poop in the toilet. We had books, too, that I would read to her just during potty time. Tustan is already wanting to go to the potty, but he sits there, makes a pee sound and then says he's done. Hopefully it won't take too long for the girls, and don't stress too much, they are still pretty little!

Amie said...

I have no advice... :) Good luck!

Carla said...

Don't cry over your oldest girlies issues!
I had Charlie trained at 3 years old and I swear I honestly did not think I would EVER get him trained he really just did NOT care!!

My oldest Peter was trained at 2 1/2, I was so proud of that, he literally figured it out in two days! But then he started wetting himself at night when he was 3 1/2, and then an accident here and there around he is 6 and no longer potty trained and diagnosed as autistic...hence why he slid backwards.
Belive me, Kyla wil be fine! Charlie wears pull ups at night cause his brother but stays dry.