Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The circus!

Not very many fun things come up here, so as soon as I knew the circus was coming we were going. Dustin and I were excited since it's been a long time sine we've been to a circus. We decided to stop by at 5 at the doors to see if people were there or not, tickets started selling at 5:30, and the show was at 6:30. We were going to go eat before going to get tickets. We pulled up and there was already a huge line so I jumped out and told Dustin to go feed the kids and i'll get tickets. So off he went. I called Jill and said, get your butt down here, now. Within minutes the line was massive! Good thing I jumped out of the van when I did, and Jill made it just in time. Seriously, it was chaos. People were butting (sp??) in line like crazy and there was a massive ant hill right where I was AFTER buying the tickets, because they made us wait in another line to actually get in the doors. Luckily I knew someone at the front and they were so kind to let us go in with them, since I already had tickets, I just didn't want to stand in the massive ant hill, or by really cranky people.
Poor Dustin had to park a mile away and walk with all 3 kids. But we made it. It was so friggin hot in there, Dustin and I were dying. But, the kids loved it. Other than a snow cone spill....everywhere, and sweating to death, and the chaos, it was good. The show wasn't THE greatest. There were a couple things I thought were cool but other than that, meh. At least the kids loved it, that's all that matters.

Presley looks enthused

She enjoyed every minute
Jayci just wouldn't look at the camera

The bears, not the best picture but Dustin loved it.

Emma and Kyla were so excited

The fam


Glow things, that make hideous music.

Funny story. We went to a bday party a while ago and in the treat bags were these Minnie mouse cell phones, and they sang this really weird, really annoying song in some other language. One morning Dustin and I were sleeping and all 3 kids came in with these phones just blaring! They were so loud too! So hideous. I ended up throwing them out. Anyways after we came out of the circus and were in the van, the girls flipped the music switch and Dustin and I looked at each other and I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" it was the same stupid song! In the arena we couldn't hear the song, just ugly music. Great job DUST! If you take out the batteries they don't light up either. Lets hope I don't go insane.

Jill and Travis with the kiddos

This was my favorite thing. This guy was pretty good.

To sum up the night I would say it was, crazy. But the kids loved it. I love it when we can get them out and do something fun and different. Dustin's 4 days off are this weekend and I can't wait. These last 10 days working felt like forever! They were so boring. All i've been doing is reading and working on my lesson, and cleaning a lot. We have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. Should be awesome.

Have a good day my friends and blog stalkers.


The Anderson Family said...

I agree complete and udder chaos!! But it was fun after we got home! I'm such a slow blogger. Really I should put up my circus stuff too and the makeover pictures and all the other things on my camera too!! One day I'll get caught up.

Alison said...

I swear they made it hot in there so everyone would buy those $3 snow cones! Looks like your kids enjoyed it though!

Jeff & Brit said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!! Now only if you could figure out a way to have those butterfly lights to not sing BAHAHAHAH

Brandon and Kristy said...

such cuties! miss all those girls.... so big now :( . They had a ton of fun i can tell! so awesome. and the twins have so much hair now! i love it all :)

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh Mindy! These photos are so cute. Your family is beautiful as always :) the circus makes me so sad though when you read about what they do to the Ellies. I am going to pretend these Ellies go to the spa after each show hehe Hope you are doing well gorgeous and keeping some time for yourself! xo