Thursday, June 17, 2010

I finally did it

After talking about it forever, I decided to go for it. I chopped my hair off. I absolutely LOVE it! Ya the long hair was "so pretty" but would you want to do that hair everyday? I sure didn't. I only loved it when I curled it and did it cute, which was only on Sunday's for church....every other time. Not worth it. So I hacked it. It's so fun and easy and perfect for summer and perfect for me!

So what do you think? Am I sexy? I think so.

So this weekend is a bit crazy! Dustin has his last day of school tomorrow, and he is writing his final! I know he'll do great, he's worked hard. You know how I know? Because I lost my husband for 8 weeks somewhere. He would stay at the school until 9:30 at night majority of the time and take help from teachers at every opportunity. He has done so good on every test so far and i'm a proud woman. So good luck to my man tomorrow!

Also Dustin and I are taking a quick trip down south to take care of our new renters in our condo etc. So we aren't taking the kids and it's super quick. It'll be kinda nice to have just the two of us before he goes back to the dreaded work. SUCKY. Although we do need the money so I can't complain. I just hope we don't have anymore 18's and 24's. If you don't know what that means, then you suck as a blogger friend and don't read my other posts.

So after we get back (Sunday night), then Monday we are going to spend the day at the spray park with the kids. It has been SO nice here. Like 25 and above and it's supposed to be like this for the next two weeks. I am LOVING it. Especially since southern Alberta is getting flooded out. First two snow storms and now flooding, and we've had nice weather every time. Looks like we moved to a great place! Tuesday Dust goes back to work, and our life is normal again. Well for 2 months, then it's school again.... Well i'm gonna go work on my tan, which is turning out quite well I must say.

Peace out.


Sarah C said...


Ya, you suck! We are totally in the middle of a DOWNPOUR!!!! Arggghh! That job offer Todd got up north is starting to look better.

Oh, and yep, I knew what 18's and 24's meant!!!

The Harker Family said...

I love your hair! I loved it last time when you were first pregnant with the girls too! It looks awesome. I know what you mean about the pain of doing long hair...I find I tie my hair back all week because I hate doing it! I'd love to go short too but I'm a chicken! Ha! So yes, you look super sexy woman! Love it! I also love how you made it more blonde. Yes, the weather here is horrible! I hate it! I'm jealous you have sun there!

TheMendenhalls said...

Mindy!!! You did it! I LOVEEE it. It looks so cute and it's such a good change for you. AHHH so so cute! I'm not a bad blogger friend, i knew what you meant! ;)

Oh man, now you make me miss short hair, but not enough to do it again!

TheMendenhalls said...

And I'm sure it feels amazing having all those dead ends off!!

Cichy's said...

Looks SO good!

Ashley said...

Min! Your hair looks fantastic! I'm tempted to chop mine too now! Chris would kill me though...

Congrats to being done school for the time being! Enjoy your trip and I hate you for having nice weather up there. Red Deer weather even sucks. But it is supposed to be nice for the next week!

P.S. I don't really hate you.

Meagan M said...

Your Hair looks great! Good luck to Dustin on the exam tomorrow! I always hated it when Ben was in school - we were poor and he was more stressed out then normal! It will be nice to be back to normal again!

I'm jealous of the weather you're jealous!

Carrie said...

My husband is an electrician working at an industrial site so I definitely feel ya on the crappy shifts , LONG days and stints of schooling! Barf. But I'm so jealous of your nice weather! We picked such a crap week to go to Cardston. Please..... when is summer going to come?