Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bored and Bikini's

That's what i've been this week. Like, going insane bored! I've been sick for a week, a stupid WEEK with some random nasty head cold that WON'T get better. So I have no energy to do anything but i'm SO bored!! You can only clean and cook so many times, besides who wants to do that as a choice when their bored? Not me.

And guess what? Right guessed it, i'm bored! Dustin is out running (cuz I don't do that, always hated it and always will) kids are in bed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Can't watch tv, because i'm recording a show and can't watch another show while it's recording. Stupid old shaw PVR's, i'm going to call and get their new ones which are way better. I got the shaft one. Anyways and i'm sick of browsing online for random things because that's what i've been doing all week! So which brings me to blogging. I'm just going to write and whatever comes out, will be.

Dustin has one week left of school. Did you hear that?? ONE WEEK! I am so freakin excited. School is NOT fun, who ever thought it would be better than work is crazy. (Me) We don't get paychecks, only EI which who the heck can live off that? And I never see my husband! He is gone at the school studying all. the. time. It's gay. Anyways so i'm excited.

Kyla is hilarious lately. I don't know what she's been watching or thinking about but she has been asking me some pretty deep questions. Let me list some

Kyla- "What's in our bodies?"

Me- "um bones and blood and our stomach etc etc"

Kyla, "what's in our blood?"

Me- "uh....iron?"

and that ended that conversation

Next conversation,

Kyla "Where do our tongues go?"

Me (Dustin was there beside me) "um way down our throats into our stomachs"

Dustin "HA, what? No it doesn't!"

Me "whatever"

Next conversation

Kyla (after coming out of the bathroom and looking really confused) "Mom what should I do with my clothes when I get bigger?"

Me- "um we'll put them in a box and Jayci and presley can wear them too when they fit them"

Kyla- "ya but what should I wear, should I just wear your clothes then?"


Me "Kyla daddy bought you new batteries for your computer, so you can play it now!"

Kyla "yay i'm so excited! That's my favorite part of daddy."

At least he's good for something I guess...

Some other random things

"What's in our bones?" (Not sure where all these body questions are coming from)

"Mom what was your dream about?" She asks this ALL THE TIME. and then she proceeds to tell me hers "Mine was about Emma falling out my window"

Me "Oh that's not a good dream." what the? how does she remember dreams or even know what they are? Crazy kid.

So those are some things she says, I keep writing them down lately because i'm always so confused at what she asks and I never know how to answer. She really makes me think!

The pictures finally worked.
Kyla got invited to a little friends bday party at the spray park and the kids loved it! I love the little girls in bikinis! Especially the little belly's. Hey you got it? Flaunt it right?

Kyla and some girl friends.

Emma, Kyla, Leela and Jayna.

Well my husband just came through the door so i'm going to watch my show, whether he likes it or not. Later homies.


Cichy's said...

Love the things kids ask/say! So cute, my favorite was about her clothes! haha So funny!

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear your bored! I hope you get better soon!

The Harker Family said...

You're too cute Mindy!

TheMendenhalls said...

I enjoy hearing the random questions Kyla asks. Sounds like she is quite the thinker! haha

Riley and Anona Adams said...

ahahahha I can't wait for that age, I just wanna have him start talking now! Super cute swim suits!

The Evansons said...

I'm bored too!! Will always asks about bones too, it must be a four year old thing? Aubrey has that same polkadotty suit, you gots to love that Superstore. We're like twins today, we have so much in common!

TheMendenhalls said...

Question... you can e-mail back (i dont know your email) but HOW did you get your posts wider.. Mine is soo narrow. Help!