Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer Holidays!

This week was wicked! We took holidays in Penticton BC with my family and camped right across the street from Skaha beach. It was a dream. I honestly don't know why I live in the coldest place in Alberta because I hate the cold and NEED the sun! The summer weather has sucked up here so I was loving every minute in the +30-40C weather. We did a ton of stuff and made a ton of memories. The girls even slept through the night in the tent all week. There was one bad night for Presley but she caught a wicked cold from Gavin so we brought out the meds, took her for a walk in the stroller and then she was out again. I think the worst part was driving home, BRUTAL! It's supposed to be about a 14-15 hour drive and it took us 18! We left at 9am Saturday morning and got home 5am Sunday morning. It sucked. Glad to be home though! So i'll just put up pictures and explain as I go, I took a lot!

So we each took a night to make dinner and my parents decided to take us out for their night. I don't know what kind of crack my kids were smoking that day but they were hyper! Kyla and I got some awesome pictures, she's hilarious that one.

The happy babies at dinner. I didn`t care how loud we were, as long as they were happy, I was happy!

Love this place!
My beautiful family
Love him!
The whole family. left-right Kristy, Brandon and Gavin, Brittany and Jeff, Mom, Dad and Stephanie, us!

We went to the beach in the evening and the wind came up, the waves were huge and the guys, and Stephanie the only brave one, went swimming! The pictures were too dark though.
Jayci looking all grown up (with sand on her face)
Beginning of the evening at the beach. She`s one of my favorite people.
The best picture out of a ton. Presley just wanted to run.
Presley, can you see the hair coming?? I can!

Playing some mini golf
Catching some fish in the pond right beside our campsite, where the boys pretty much lived.
Forcing the fun on Presley
The sistas on our first day, hence my whiteness.
We went to the midway on Okanagan for Peachfest, SO MUCH FUN! I felt like a kid again, we were there till midnight, which was when they closed. Kids and all. Good times!

Kyla was in heaven and wasn`t scared of any rides, she went on them all and loved it!
Grandpa Petersen and his best friend.

The end of the night. What a partay!

The studs and their henna tatoos
And the pretty ladies! ps it was a total waste of money, except mine stayed cuz I was the whitest! Still fun though.
My girlies playing in the grass. They were so happy just running around following each other. Oh and chasing the ducks, which they learned to say while we were there!
Chasing the ducks

Daddy and his daycare
Caught a turtle fishing, he caught an even bigger one later
The few minutes I actually got to lay and tan.
Hanging with the Rempel cousins
This was the first day so I was pasty but this is the only picture of Presley in the water, she loved it!
She`s hot and she knows it.
We had so much fun but it was definately a lot of work with these 3 girlies. I don`t know what we would of done without the help of the family. It takes us forever just to get out the door in the morning and we were going, going, going constantly so we were very busy! But it was nice to get away and do some fun stuff with the family. Lots of laughs and lots of good times. It`s always nice to go home and I was glad we had Sunday to recouperate. It`s funny how you need to rest after a holiday. At least I came out with a tan!


Lindsay said...

What a fun holiday! You guys are party animals. Glad you had a great trip!

Lynn said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Just in time for a GREAT holiday it looks like....and just in time to recoup again. You guys SURE know how to pack the fun in!

"Daddy's day care." Love it. That one cracked me up. LOL!

And can I just say WOW on the cookie cutter look alike sisters. Amazing! I don't know any family that looks SO much alike as yours does.

The Harker Family said...

Great pics Mindy! Looks like you had a blast!

The Ririe Family said...

wow, looks like so much fun! 18 hours!! gee I could never do it!! lol It looks like it was totally worth it though

Sarah C said...

I love the Daddy Day Care picture... heheheh! Todd will feel like that surrounded by all these boys in a few months.

Don't you find it funny how you almost need a break after your vacation. I remember before kids when I went away to relax... not so much anymore! It is still fun, but not this laid back time that used to happen before kids!

Cute pictures!

Ryan, RoxAnn and Erica said...

It's so nice to let our family take care of our little ones. Looks like you had a awesome time.

Little Miss Baker said...

I think you may have a perfect family :) You are so beautiful and your daughters are such gifts. I loved reading this post!!