Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little announcement....

No i'm not pregnant! I know that's what you were all thinking!!!

This is something so exciting for The Burnt Daisy. I got invited to be in a huge kids craft show in Southern Alberta! I am so nervous but so excited! So it's on Saturday, September 19th from 10-5pm in Magrath at the arena. There is supposed to be a ton of great shops coming from all over. This is a first for Southern Alberta and Mellissa is doing a great job of putting it together. I will be taking orders there and there will be some things to purchase at the show also, including some Halloween decor which i'm super excited about! I hope I can see a lot of you there!

Maybe pray for me to get through this month alive, I have too much going on! Here is my August.
-30 orders to work on right now (5 almost finished) plus more to get ready for the show! CRAZY!
-Dustin's bday on the 29th which I haven't even thought about, normally I am so on top of it!
-Holidays were last week and we're finally back getting back to normal
-I spent this entire week sick which I did not have time for
-I teach the lesson this Sunday
-I am closing up a Scentsy party today which I had on Wednesday
-My Aunt Brenda's wedding is next weekend in Cardston
-and something else I can't reveal yet...
I think that's enough. Oh and I really want to do a post of Jayci and Presley and their latest. I have neglected them lately on here. They are changing so much!
Well i'm off to squeeze a shower in, finish my lesson and somehow organize these 30 orders to get them started. Wish me luck!! Oh and spread the word about the show!! Hope to see you there!!


The Harker Family said...

Good for you Mindy! That is a good way to get your business going. Okay I must admit I seriously thought you were going to say you were pregnant! Ha, ha, ha!

Christal said...

Hey mindy you don't know me but we know a lot of the same people {Lynn C just forwarded this to me} and I am so excited for sept 19th what a great idea. I love your work too. Your family is so so cute too and those girls are adorable! So excited for you and your business! ttys

Kaylee said...

sounds like fun. I wish i could be there but i'll be in calgary waiting for this one to get out!! I will admit I thought prego at first and thought oh crap she's crazy....

Terresa said...

Congrats! That sounds like so much fun, way funner than just announcing another pregnancy, right? ;)

Your family is beautiful! I have twins, too. After the haze cleared for me, they were totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

one more thing eh.. PREGGERS?