Thursday, August 20, 2009

If I ran the circus

I figured it has been a while since i've actually updated on things, so here it goes.

First things first. Dustin got a new job! Yay! He is working out at Suncor which is one of the major plants up here and he is still doing his electrical which is awesome. Better pay, better benefits and better EVERYTHING! This is what I meant by "changes" a while ago. Finally some answers and we couldn't be happier.

I'll start with Jayci and Presley.
They are growing way to fast. Actually not really. I'd like them to grow a little faster. This is a "difficult" stage and it kind of wears me out. Lets see if I can make sense. This was my favorite age with Kyla and I loved teaching her new things and how quick she would learn and talk and it was just so fun! These girls are a little different. They are BUSY little bees!! Into everything and VERY clingy! It's ok when you have one kids who is clingy, but 2, plus a 3rd who has to do everything they do... especially if they are getting any special attention! So things get neglected around here pretty quick, such as laundry, dishes, normal cleaning and even cooking. I haven't even been doing my business until the evenings because they keep me busy all day. I am not going to tell you it's easy, cuz it's not. It's definately fun though and I laugh a lot off. If I stressed over the small stuff, I think I would go crazy! So here is some of the latest things they've been up to...
-They both have 6 teeth, 4 on top and two on bottom
-They can blow kisses, peek a boo, high five, wave hi/bye, say "thank you, duck, and uh oh." but they won't say ball, bye bye or hi...weird kids and so random
-They fight over everything! It's tug a war all the time with these two. They always want what the other one has. I'm like a referee in my own home, and it's actually all three of them. It just got worse with Jayci and Presley recently. So I take it away. At first it was, great we have to buy two of everything. Nope taking it away is much cheaper!
-They get into everything they can, but lately they have stayed to the main few...movies, tupperware drawer and printer corner, which I HATE. I need some organizing things desperately! That's one downfall to having a laptop and a business/relief society lessons, you always need the printer hooked up. It's funny how they distroy one thing and move onto the next, if you clean it up, they come RIGHT back and do it again. But if you leave it thinking they will play in it again, your wrong. They leave it ALL day long and don't touch it. SO all in all I have to tip toe throughout my house all day around obstacles until they are in bed.

-They are picky eaters. I dreaded this. Kyla is picky and they are the same way. They all eat like me. Which is one bonus cuz I know what they'll eat but it sure limits to what I can make. I need to make a huge recipe book with sections for babies, kids, lunches, easy snacks and suppers. Then m y life would be way easier.
-They are getting so smart, learning how to put things where they belong and they totally know what I say to them which I love. I remember Kyla at this exact point and it was HEAVEN. Except she could talk back which was a little bit more convenient. They are coming along though. Cute kids.
-Faces, man my kids make the strangest faces. This is my favorite "oh, from uh oh" face by Jayci
Presley's signature face
Some weird one she has been doing a lot lately
my beautiful Kyla.

-One of the weirdest things lately is they HATE the bath! YA what?? Since we came home from holidays they are TERRIFIED of the bath. Like shaking and screaming terrified! So everynight one of us has to shower with them or it's a really quick torture dip to clean them off. Not sure whats up with that, hopefully that will pass.
-This was the last thing I wanted to say, bedtime is at 7pm, two naps a day sometimes it's only one lately. I'm dreading dropping to one nap. I like naptime. It sure sounds like I hate my kids doesn't it? I don't...really. Ha, no I friggin LOVE them!!!! These girls are the best, the funnest and the cutest things in my life! We laugh tons and I spend A LOT of time on the floor. IT'S THE BEST!
-Oh how could I forget.....THEY ARE FINALLY GROWING HAIR!!!!! Halle-FREAKING-Luah!! It's not much but it's definately growing. I put some Chia pet stuff on like a charm! Kidding. But it's about an inch long now (in spots, but that counts right??) and i'm getting excited!

Another thing I wanted to add is how I don't like to call them the "twins" I always call them babies, or Jayci and Presley. I think i've mentioned this before too. But I always have wanted them to be their own person. It's definately fun to dress them the same cuz isn't that the fun/perk of twins? But if I do, they are usually in a different color or something is different. I want them to be individuals instead of being known and "the twins" Because they do have names! ;) I don't care if anyone else does and it's not big deal if they do and I definately have a few times, but it just sounds weird. Does that make sense? Am I weird? good.

So i'll move on too Kyla, who I could go on forever about. This kid cracks me up. She calls us Mindy and Dustin now, not mom and dad... Mindy and Dustin. Ya I know. Tonight she went and got the mail with Dustin and their was a Stars lottery flyer in the mail so she started going through it and she's like, "DAD we need a new car." I definately agree Kyla.
Her favorite movies lately are I Robot....weirdo, Spiderman 3, Twilight, and What happens in Vegas. Seriously. I can't even count how many times she has asked to watch I Robot. Isn't that movie a little scary for a 3 year old?? And should she even be aloud to watch What happens in Vegas? Bad mom award for that one. At least I love that movie too, so no complaints here! She loves cereal, as always. Yesterday she at at least 7, yup 7 bowls of Special K! And I didn't even put sugar on it. She is a little boss, it's always...."no Pres, no Jayc." She calls them by their nicknames now. It's actually kinda cute.
She told me the other day I had a "cute body" while I was working out, glad she approves. She also was quick to point out my "owies" (Stretchmarks) and told me to get bandaids for them. she's quite an observant girl. Although I don't think her ears are working lately, we'll have to get those fixed. :)
So those are just a few of her brilliant moments. I'll have to think of some more for next time.
Until then, here is pictures of Kyla and some naked babies...I told you everything gets neglected around here.
Actually it was pj time. Do they not look insanely tall?? I think they grew this week.


Megan said...

I don't ever call my twins "the twins" either, for the same reason. I call them "the boys" a lot though, so I don't know if that's much better.

There's a book that you should read: "Emotionally Healthy Twins" by Joan Friedman. She is an identical twin who is now a psychologist and counsels twins and parents of twins. It's a good book but I don't agree with everything in it. Some things seem a little extreme, like never dressing them alike. It's just too cute! Once they are a little bit older I won't, but they don't seem to mind!

Anywho - check out the book and good luck with life!

amieandmichael said...

haha i love to hear the stories about things kyla says. I bet its super exciting for them to get hair. They are just so cute. Congrats on Dustin getting a new job. I can't wait until Michael starts a job when school is all done.

The Evansons said...

It must be a 3 year old thing because all Will wants to eat is cereal too, like I go through a box of Crispix in less then a week! All of your girls are so cute and that's exciting that Jayci and Presley are growing hair, I love that you are so excited about that, you're funny!!!

The Harker Family said...

Great update! You crack me up! I love your humour! Wow Kyla sounds a lot like Camden did when he was three with the whole calling us by our first names, and eating TONS of cereal! But she'll stop calling you by your first names by the time she's four I promise, although she will probably refer to you by the cooler "mom" and "dad" as opposed to "mommy" and "daddy". Ha, ha, ha! I can't believe how much your little babies are growing up...they're no longer babies! What dolls!

Lynn said...

Phew! I am tired just reading about all that the kids do to keep you busy.

I use to beg and plead in my prayers for twins every night whenever we made plans to get pregnant after reading this, I can see that the Lord knew that I could NOT do what you do. You rock!

Congrats on the new job and benefits and everything! Cool!

Ashley said...

Cute kids for sure! Have you ever tried feeding your kids Kidney beans? No need to cook 'em, they're quick and easy... My kids both just devour them like they're candy. And they're healthy too! Good luck with the pickiness.

Jean said...

Mindy.. Just read your update and laughed and laughed... what a life you have and it is so great that you are enjoying it. Thank you for sharing .. Love it... Granny..
p.s. note I have a new email address...

Amber Wigg said...

I totally agree about the stage you are going through with your young girls. Adeline is 1 now and EXHAUSTING. She has been in Calgary for 2 days with grandma and I now get a clear picutre of just how much time I spend a day pick up that clingy little girl, feeding her, cleaning up after her, and keeping her happy. I find though, as you may too, having an older one helps. Clayton and Kayla keep her occupied sometimes, which is nice. Glad for you they're getting hair...I am amazed at how bald they still are:)

Lindsay said...

Congrats about Dustin's new job! That's awesome! Cute update about the girls. Hooray for the twins getting hair! :)

Sarah C said...

Congrats on Dustin's new job!

Wow... life is crazy with twins! I used to want twins, and then I had a baby of my own and realized that one at a time was fine by me. Although with kids only 17 months apart sometimes it is bonkers around here!

I love that my kid isn't the only one who wants to eat cereal all day! Brighton is the same way... his favorite is mini wheats and corn flakes - no sugar! Weird kid!

Thanks for your comment. I did add names and a little "blurb" about them. I figure if I just use first names that I should be ok... if someone complains then I might have to change things, but for right now I will do that!

Becky and Kimball said...

I'm happy that Dustin got on at Suncor!!! Congrats!

Megan LePard said...

haha I love reading your blog! always good for a laugh. I can totally relate to your owie story, except mine is my sister in law ha. gotta love that reminder. anyways good luck with everything! :) Your girls are soo adorable.

Little Miss Baker said...

your babies are adorable like I wanna squeeze em! and you have to stop changing your profile picture because you are making us non gorgeous blogging gals look bad hehehe :)