Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random stuff

I find it's so hard to blog lately, maybe it's because not too many people are since it's summer. We are here for another few weeks then we are off the Penticton to do some camping....in a tent....with 3 little kids. Should be fun. I really am excited just not for the night part. I will just expect to get no sleep going into it and maybe a great tan that will make up for it!
We took the kids to the park on Saturday and then went in the field with Kyla and played with her baseball and bat, and then took her to the basketball hoops that have the 3 holes at the school. She had a ton of fun and then we had to beat the rain home. Honestly I felt like I was a kid again, we even played on everything with her. Who said being a parent has to be boring. I was all over it! I was even going to attemp the flip off the swing. Maybe next time. ;)

Presley swingin

and a few minutes later...I guess she really enjoyed it
Jayci loved it. Cutest picture too!

Things have been going good, I am getting busier with my business so lets hope it keeps up! I am really thinking after summer I am going to get really busy with Christmas not too far off. I just added some new fonts also and I might be adding more, so you can go check them out and let me know what you think.
What else, oh how can I forget the saddest day of Dustin's life. I never gave you the update of our tv. Well the day after it died Dustin gave it a good beating, and it turned on! Crap. Well he was so excited. I went another week with that beast and it was one frustrating week. Dustin set up our car dvd player so we didn't have to hook up all our speakers with our other one and it wouldn't reach the top of the tv so it had to be on the floor. Well the kids were all over that. Open. Close. Open. Close. Soon it started skipping so they probably wrecked that. Awesome. We just bought it last summer too. Hopefully it's fine. I gave Dustin a week to get rid of it and to call the people who gave it to us. She said to not get rid of it and she wanted to make it into a puppet theater. Well he never called and kept making excuses and putting it off. So Sunday I told him he had until Monday to get rid of it or I will. I think he thought I was joking. I called the lady and she said no they already go another tv exactly like this one but a little older! lol I definately had to laugh at that. So I went on mymcmurray.com and put it on for free! Here was my ad,

FREE 52" TV!- Come and get it ASAP and don't tell my husband ;) It's around 10 years old and works pretty good. NEEDS TO GO!

I got at least 3 replies in 10 minutes. One person e-mailed me to call them, so I did and they weren't home. Just their weird son who was rude so I didn't like them. The next girl sounded way too excited to get this thing. So I wrote her back saying I had a couple other people who wanted it and I explained everything about it. She wrote back saying she would give me $50 to let her have it! SOLD! Who knew anyone would want to PAY for this thing. She wanted to surprise her husband with it. So I called her and told her it shuts of and can go in double vision etc. She said her husband fixes anything and he would die if she had a huge tv like this. I never lied about a thing! Promise. Well she came about an hour later with her guy friend and his truck and it was OUTTA HERE! I called Dustin when she offered to pay and you know what he said? He said, see if anyone else will pay more! lol Then he came home and saw it gone. I think I even saw a tear. Ha no but he was sad to see it gone. I told him I was going to get rid of it! So it's gone and I am happy. Thank you for those who prayed for me through this tough time, I am way better now. Oh and get this!! She called and it's not working!!! lol So I told her all the tricks but she felt bad for even asking and didn't want to be a bother. I put it free for a reason people! She was good about it though and had to wait for her husband to get home to "try" and fix it. He also called me later aha. They honestly felt bad for even calling. I felt bad they paid me $50! Meh, their loss. I'm so mean, maybe they'll get it fixed.....i'll pray for them.


caroline said...

Mindy that is HILARIOUS!! Glad it's out of your hair!

the fellers said...

that really is funny about the tv....haha

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amieandmichael said...

I am jealous you are going camping in Penticton. Hope it's a good adventure for you guys!

Ashley said...

I just found your blog from my friend Merrianne's. Your family is really cute!!!
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