Saturday, May 10, 2008

An update

I figured I should put a new post up since it's been a while. Not too much is new. I am almost 31 weeks now and I can't believe how fast it has gone by, I just hope the next few go by even faster. We had another little scare on Thursday night. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning having contractions again so we went into the hospital. They said I had an infection of some sort and it started the contractions (any kind of sickness or infection can start labour.) So they pumped me with 3 bags of IV and some antibiotics. I have so many different holes in my arms from needles and IV's it's insane! Dustin said I have had my blood pressure taken more this pregnancy than he has his whole life and he is just gonna buy me my own blood pressure machine so when they need it I can do it at home and just call them and tell them what it is! He was laughing at me the whole time cuz I practically live in the hospital and everytime they checked me or poked me with a needle or took my blood pressure he would laugh. Anyways everything stopped and turned out ok, we got sent home after all the IV bags were done. We were really tired the next day and slept for most of it. I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy and all the complications that came with it. I hope these next few are easy and I go into labour at the right time and won't have to be flown to Edmonton. I was panicking the other day cuz I started to make a list of things we still need and we need everything!! I havent really thought about how much we don't have yet. Little things such as soothers, bottles, and even diapers! I've been so distracted I haven't even realized it. So I went on a wal-mart shopping spree the other day and bought some stuff finally. I feel a little better now. I just hope they have our stroller in stock next week when Jill and Travis go to Edmonton.

I decided to start Kyla up again on potty training. I'm sure she could of been trained by now with the huge interest she was showing in January but I was just so sick with morning sickness I didn't have the energy or patience to do it. We bought her some princess pull-ups and some panties, so far she has gone a few times in the big potty, not even in her little potty she wants to go on the big one! My mom bought a little seat for her and she loves it. She sits on it forever! So lets hope she catches on before these babies come. If anyone has any good pointers on potty training I'm open to hear anything, i've never done it before and i'm hoping i'm doing it right.

I had to post this picture. This is a daily ritual after dinner the girls strip down as fast as they can and are ready for their bubble bath. Cute little bums eh?


Kaylee said...

Mindy, i made a potty chart and everytime he did either he got a sticker to put on and then when he filled the chart we went to toys r us and he picked out whatever he wanted within reason! Just a little pointer!

the Wry's said...

Bribery always seems to work, that is what worked for us. Let her pick out a box of candy they normally don't get and let them know that is for when she pees/poops in the potty. Make sure to put the candy away, but in view. So that way she is reminded of it. Once she gets the hang of using the potty, then only give her a candy when she remembers about her pee-candies.

Good luck!!

Kevyn said...

My little guy is just six months so we are FAR from the whole potty trainin thing, but my sister just successfully potty trained her 2 year old daughter in one day. Crazy huh? She got this old school book called "toilet training in less than a day" from Chapters. Someone recommended it to her when she posted about potty training on her blog as well. As far as I know it's pretty time consuming as you need to set aside about 3 or 4 hours in one day to completely focus on the potty, but like i said... it was a complete success. She said it takes just about a week to perfect it, but she was offically potty trained at the end of the day.
best of luck to you - I can't even imagine having to do it while being very pregnant :) You're a trooper!

the fellers said...

I am glad you got stuff...I remember thinking I was ready and then realized I had overlooked all the "little stuff"...and then I panicked diapers! But I am glad you feel more ready....I hope that you dont have any more scares either! good luck, I cant wait!

Caitlin said...

CANDY!! It's what go Brooklyn potty trained. As long as she knows the feeling of when she has to go. I remember with Brooklyn it seemed like she had to go like every 15 minutes in the beginning. But really I don't know if now is the time potty train Kayla cause they do need constant reminding in the beginning. And with the change that the new babies are going to bring she might just regress when they are born and then all your work would be for nothing! When is full term with twins?

Ashlee said...

Ya, I have nothing for ya on the potty training advice..when Tim came to me he was already potty trained. hehe

Those little bums are too cute.