Friday, May 02, 2008

Our babies!

Here is the ultrasound pictures from Monday's Doctors appointment, (29 weeks) They are so much bigger than before. The top one is Baby B, which is a really good profile shot. The bottom one is Baby A and you can't really see it but the face is looking away, so we see her back. You can see her hand and spine though. The doctor took lots of Baby B, poor A got neglected but she wouldn't turn around for us. I am getting so excited, I only have 4 more weeks until its safe to deliver here! I would like to go further but it's just so nice knowing that if I don't have that much further to go before they'll keep me here, cuz I don't want to go to Edmonton. I'll be putting a picture up on Monday of my belly of 30 weeks!

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Ashlee said...

So exciting Mindy! I still can't believe it...TWO little girls. So much fun!