Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reflecting back

I thought it would be neat to go back and look at all the pictures from when Kyla was born. I had my mom in the delivery room so she got a couple good videos and pictures of various things...obviously not the birth but she did get right after. I have been watching them over and over and of course bawling my eyes out! I am getting so excited to do it all again, I don't know why we want to go through that pain but after they are here it's totally worth it. I had a rough labour but i'm willing to do it again for these next two. It seems like yesterday Kyla was born and it was 2 years ago. I can't believe how fast time goes and it scares me to think of these twins 2 years old! Kyla came out really fast and she was really bruised on her face, arm and top of her head. She was 3 1/2 weeks early but she weighed 6lbs 12oz and was a healthy girl. She was a little jaundice but that's the only complicaton she had. We came home after 3 days in the hospital. I'm actually excited to see what this next experience goes like compared to the first. Brand New!


the fellers said...

ok, I got SO excited there for a minute! haha...I opened your blog and the picture only showed up, everything else was taking a minute to upload, so I just saw Dust. with this baby! I was all, OH MY GOSH! She had her babies! But then I though, "oh, they werent that small!?!?!" Then it loaded...and i read the post! I am a retard..but yeah, I know exactly how you is so weird to look back, I did the same thing with Scoty pics and stuff right before I had got me so excited to have another one, but scared to go through it again, but if it makes you feel better, the second time was A LOT hopefully it will be that way for you! Yay for babies!

Ashlee said...

Not much longer and you'll have three little girls in your house! So fun!!

Meagan McCance said...

Ahhh...I totally thought the same thing. The babies are here!! And then I looked closer and couldn't believe how big they looked...and then I read the actual post and realized it was just a memory post.

I'm so excited for's soooo soon now!!

Meagan McCance said...

ok...and I just checked your facebook. Are they here all ready??

If so - Congratulations!!!

The Dudley Bunch said...

Dustin and Mindy, congratulations on the new ones! Grandma told me you had the twins. Your blog is so fun, and very cute. See ya this summer

Maurita said...

OHHHH I am so excited and nervous for you!! Such fu to have the new babies at home finally. Take care & I'll be in touch!!