Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hate moving

Well when you grew up in 10 different schools and have moved 7 times since graduating, you would hate it too! Just when I thought we would be settled here and we wouldn't have to move far again. Dustin gets the most amazing job offer, and at the perfect time too. We were really struggling on what to do when these babies come. We live in our 2 bdrm condo and can't afford to upsize, so we were praying for an answer. The next week this job came up! So we knew it was our answer to our prayers. Dustin is so excited and we know it's an awesome oppurtunity for us. Not everyone gets a chance like this. Besides we are young still and we don't have kids in school. We are only planning on going for a couple years then we are definately coming back here to settle! I love Okotoks and really want to reaise my family here so I know we will be back. We are putting our house up for sale in 2 weeks, pretty much the day we move... March 21st! I'm not even close to being ready to move. We haven't packed one box yet! This weekend we will do most of it. I just have a hard time myself, you know since i'm pregnant!! haha I do tend to push myself to hard somedays and then pay for it after. I need to stop doing that cuz it's definately not good for me. I'm just not used to being limited. Dustin is the best husband and helps me all the time. He'll rub my back, cook supper, puts Kyla to bed, gets up in the night when she wakes up and will let me sleep. He's very patient and i'm so grateful for everything he does. Now he just has to pack and move us!! I'm not asking too much eh? haha poor guy, and now he has 4 girls to deal with!! I love him!


Jake & Kelsey said...

i understand the "pushing yourself and paying for it later" whatnot! sometimes i forget that i'm pregnant ,and just think i can do everything i used to do! then my body hates me... it's great! i hope you have lots of people to help with the move, and that you sell your house asap!!!
we're going to be moving right around/after the baby comes too, which bites!!! oh well. timing!

The Fellers said...

I am sorry, I totally hate moving too....packing is the pitts! I am sorry. Wish I could be there to help, but how would it bet to have two pregnant ladies...ok, nevermind, Dust can just do it all! haha...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... I hate moving and I can imagine it is even worse when you are pregnant. We just sold our house and now we will have to move again in the spring, and then again when our house is finished! I can totally sympathize. If I lived closer I would come and help you in a heart beat! Hopefully everything goes well. What will Dust be doing up in Fort M for work? You keep saying he got an amazing job offer, but what was the job?

Ashlee said...

Ya moving sucks! And I never did it with an almost 2 year old and while being pregnant...with twins! GOOD LUCK!