Sunday, August 14, 2011

Laken and Dad!

Laken is 4 1/2 months old! Insane right?!
She is the best! She is rolling over both ways, reaching and grabbing at toys, "talking", and smiles and laughs all the time. She is too cute and I could squish her all day.

So I took her to my pediatrician last month and she diagnosed her with Sandifer Syndrome. Honestly it's confusing, but it looks like she has mini seizures. It's not fun to watch and freaks me out every time. She can grow out of it, she's on medication for it and she's only had one episode since being on it. That's because I forgot to give her the medication that day. So i'm glad it's helping. One of the symptoms we found is weight loss. So Laken hasn't gained any weight since she was 8 weeks. I took her on Thursday for her 2 month shots and she still weighs 10 lbs! She is longer in length (40th percentile) but her weight and head are in the 2nd and 4th percentile. It's really starting to worry me and i'm tired of the doctors saying it's normal without looking into it.
There are a couple things that i've thought of.

Her poop isn't seedy, and in breastfed babies the seedy stuff is the fat and shows they are getting fat. So i'm wondering if my milk is fatty enough. I've told every doctor and nurse this since she was born and no one seemed too concerned so I wasn't concerned. But now I am!


Her Sandifer Syndrome is keeping her at one weight and won't gain.

or both!

She eats a lot, every 2 hours or so. She is a happy baby and still sleeps through the night and is developing normally. So I feel like if she wasn't getting enough that she would be fussy and up all night hungry right?
So at the appointment on Thursday she referred me to a dietitian and they got back to me so quick because they want to see her asap So I have an appointment tomorrow morning, which is really rare to get in that quick up here! I bought some formula to start supplementing her because I didn't want to wait until her next appointment but since it was so soon I want to wait and see what they say. I'm starting to get more worried and pray nothing is wrong with her and it will be an easy fix. But it's always in the back of my mind. So i'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

My Dad also came to visit this weekend!! It was so much fun and so good to see him and it's nice he lives a lot closer so we can see him more often.
We went to the spray park, had a BBQ, the girls made cookies with him, and we went out for dinner and a movie with NO KIDS. That's right, I left Laken with our sitter! I have pumped milk frozen so we got her taking a bottle so I can have some freedom! It's awesome. Next up. SPA DAY! Well after my husbands 24 day shift.... boo. 

So that's lately. Seems like the blogging world is pretty boring these days because "normal" people get summer holidays. Others have babies and husbands who work a lot for gay priorities like bills and buying a house. Whatever.

ps: In this first picture in the background take a look at what I bought! I got the girls the Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart and it's great! Thanks to Vinnie for telling me about it forever ago, I finally got it! Also I am getting on top of the twins and their WHINING!! It's bad. They have such high pitched voices and whine for everything! It's going to stop asap. Thanks to my awesome Parenting Solutions book, I have a few ways to do it. I'll let you know how it goes!!

The End.


Jennie Holt said...

oh my gosh Laken in those jeans?? to die for!! she is so cute! well of course ALL your girls are adorable....but you know that! :) and my babies never had seedy not sure what that means. but maybe its more normal than it seems?

Amie said...

Holy your dad has seen some sun! I'm jealous! :) SOO happy that you are able to have some free time by pumping. We ended up just pumping for Ty so that frees up a lot of time for me when Michael is home and when we are with other family. It's great! Hope the appointment goes well! And I should mention Ty's poop isn't seedy. It was for the first few weeks but not anymore... And he seems to be doing well.. (12 lbs now!) Love ya guys!

Jeff and Brit said...

Oh how I love your blog ha! Laken just cracks me up with those eyes ha! Love the girls and looks like you had tons of fun with dad there! Hopefully supplementing Laken will help alot and they can get things figured out. I know how you feel! Love ya and hang in there! xoxox

the fellers said...

oh! poor little Laken....I know everything will get worked out soon! And YAY for those charts...aren't they the best!?!? I love ours and they are working so good...(when I remember!), but what about making one of those blank chores that come with it a no whining one? I dont know....but you probably have it down, cause you said you were getting there....we are dealing with that at our house right now too!!

rebecca said...

guess what Mindy, you totally won the giveaway on my blog a few weeks back {for custom baby announcements, etc.} shoot me an email and I'll get you all the info. Rebecca

kelsey said...

Laken is such a tiny cute little bean! It must be scary to watch her have little seizures. I'm so glad you figured out what it was. Anything to do with our babies gets us freaked out as moms, doesn't it? It's amazing how your instinct just kicks in!

I can't stand whining either. You are a patient woman to deal with it times two!!! Good luck!

Francis Family said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! Glad to hear the non-seedy is more common!