Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Peanut

Laken truly is a peanut and that's what I call her. She's tiny. I took her for a check up today, she is already 3 1/2 months and she only weighs 10lbs 8oz. She hasn't gained weight in 6 weeks. Our pediatrician thinks she has reflux, but it's only once or twice a week where she actually has a moment of it. So i'm going to try increasing her feedings more often. She will only nurse on one side for a feeding, so I alternate each time. Which makes for some hot uneven boobs. Or boo-boos as the twins call them. Thank goodness for good bras. You would never know. Other than me just telling you.
If I do feed her on both sides she pukes it all up, so I will feed her every 2 hours now instead of 3-4 which she has been doing. Also she has slept through the night since she was born so she goes that whole time without eating. I suggested waking her up in the night once to eat, but the doctor said not too because she doesn't want to wreck her schedule and have her in that habit. So she also gave me the medication for it. So we'll see how it goes. She is growing in length though because she is in 6 months sleepers! Taking after daddy I guess!

She rolled over! Last week she started rolling onto her side while laying on her back and then she got over but couldn't get over her arm last night she finally pulled herself all the way over. It's awesome. She doesn't do front to back yet, probably because I rarely put her on her front. Meh.
She is still sleeping through the night! From about 10pm until anywhere from 7am to 9am! A-MAZING. We also just put her in her crib. Ya she's been in our room in the bassinet until now, but we had to re arrange Kyla's room to fit the crib and we haven't had a chance until now. She hasn't napped anywhere other than the swing or bouncy chair until yesterday and I put her down with her soother and she went right to sleep in her crib! Could we be any luckier with her?? She is starting to laugh and smiles a lot when she sees you. I seriously love her so much.

So she is pretty much awesome.
I also love the comments I get when I have all 4 girls with me. First they see the baby, "aww she is so cute!" Thanks I know. Then they see the other 3 girls, "are these all yours??" yes they sure are. "And all girls??" yes all girls. Then it's either "Your crazy!" or "You must have your hands full!"
Seriously it is so rare these days to see people with more than 2 kids, when I was growing up all my friends had at least 4 kids in their family. Oh well I love it. My girls are the best. They play so well with each other which I love.
So there is the update on the tiny babe!

Check out that landing strip of a bald spot. It is exciting though. The twins didn't have a bald spot, because they didn't have enough hair!!

ps: does anyone know how to widen my post section in the middle so it doesn't cut off the pictures when I make them bigger? I tried playing around with the html but nothing worked! 
pps: Thanks for all your awesome comments and messages after my last post. One day at a time. 
Love you all!


AKutarna said...

SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh I love her. Also to widen your blog go to design, template designer, adjust widths and it should work...hopefully

Carrie said...

She is adorable! I love how in one picture she looks like Kyla, in another looks like the twins, and then has her own look. So fun to have all girls!

Jordana said...

Wow, Laken is so tiny. She's such a cutie, she totally looks like Kyla to me. That's so nice that she's such a good baby and sleeper for you!

kelsey said...

so tiny, and so cute. didn't you just have her yesterday? this is crazy.

Jennie Holt said...

oh man she is so cute! i love that all your girls look so much alike!! mine barely look like sisters!!

The Pratts said...

That's a pretty cute peanut you have there! I think Laken looks JUST like Kyla in that first picture! So cute. She is seriously an angel baby if she has reflux and doesn't even complain about it!!

Amy said...

She is SO cute!! All your girls are! It's probably pure amazement when people see you with your 4 girls because you are so tiny and cute and young so they probably can't believe they are all yours!
Taylor had reflux when she was a baby they put her on losec. Hopefully that helps her out.

kyleandtaryn said...

Ah! I wish I would have gotten to see you on July 1st, but it was a gong show! She IS a peanut. I just want to kiss her little face! Miss you all! Oh - and I didn't get to comment yet in your last post. Just want you to know we're sending our love and prayers your way. Muah! Seriously let me know if you ever need anything.

Ashley said...

She is adorable!

I get the same comment all the time (about being busy or crazy). Someone once asked me if I was happy. Say what? What kind of question is that. I guess it is really rare to see people with more than 2 kids.

Janas Bananas said...

I think this little nugget has a little bit more of you in her then the other little Dustins ..haha ;)
She is pretty adorable,I think I would sit and hold her allll day!!