Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Weekend!

Dustin and I finally got away! It was so fun and we did A LOT.
The first day we went shopping at Ikea, then just hung out at the hotel since we didn't get there until later and we were tired. The next day we went shopping for the most part at West Ed, got some great stuff and had fun. We saw the dirt biker, Carey Hart (he is married to PINK) and if you don't know him you're not cool. I of course knew exactly who he was and all his stats... well I did know who he was, but that's about it. He was signing autographs at West 49, and we could have been close to the front of the line but we didn't want to waste time waiting. Besides his booth stuck out into the mall so we got a picture of him.
After that we went on some rides in Galaxy land. I don't remember it being that boring there. Honestly, we were bored after about 4 rides. So we played some of their games and then shopped a bit more.
That night we got tickets to the comedy club in West Ed on Bourbon st. and Tim Meadows was there. He is the principal on Means Girls, and he's from SNL. It was so funny and so much fun. The next day we decided to go to a shooting range and shoot some guns. I've shot a .22 before and I loved it so I wanted to try a hand gun. Dustin did good.

I cried. Not joking. I did. What a baby, I know. I must have been having an emotional day or something. As soon as we got into the "dungeon" as I call it, where we were shooting, I literally had a heart attack listening to how loud the guns were! I was terrified of actually holding a gun trying to concentrate then someone shooting and it freaking the crap out of me and I jump and shoot someone! Seriously! Maybe i'm a little dramatic. But still I jumped EVERY time a shot went off. Scared. To. Death. We did have the ear things on but they didn't do anything. While i'm having a panic attack from every shot, the guy is trying to explain everything and I of course heard nothing but these death shots around me! I said to Dustin to go first since I was on the verge of tears and was convincing myself to toughen up and stop being such a wuss. Well I snatched a couple pics and took off. I stood in the waiting area with the windows so I could watch him, but I was a wreck! What the heck was wrong with me, I have no idea. Of course everyone is laughing at me, including Dustin. I was just ticked and wanted to leave, so I got my refund and Dustin finished the box of bullets we bought since we can't buy half a box and then we left. Well now I know. Of course I laughed later. What an idiot. Meh, oh well. At least I can admit it!

So that was that, then we went and had some lunch at Olive Garden which I love and headed home. We didn't take a ton of pictures and couldn't take any in the comedy club, I wish I would of taken a picture of us before we went because we looked pretty hot of course. But I didn't.

Dustin took this while he was waiting for me after we went on rides, at this point he was sick of shopping and wanted to leave. He said "Here's Mindy STILL shopping of course"

whatever. That's what you get for moving me to exile island up North! Where shopping sucks.

This is the only one we got of us two. I got this group of 4 teenagers to take it, they were taking photos of themselves and I offered to take one of all 4 of them, which they loved. So I asked if they would take ours! We were waiting in line for the big roller coaster.

Dustin shooting the guns in Galaxyland, my picture is retarded so i'm not putting it on.

Swing of the Century! My favorite ride when I was younger.

My handsome man.

So that was about it! We've just been chillin these past two days because he goes back to work tomorrow. Boo. But we had a lot of fun and it was so good to get away and worth every penny, even the ones we didn't need to spend...i'm sure he'll get over it. I already have!


The Pratts said...

Looks like you had a fun trip! I used to love the swing ride when I was little, too. I tried one a couple of years ago and almost puked! Why does that happen when you get older?

I also love that you called Fort Mac exile island! :) I'm feeling the itch to get outta here for a weekend, too!

Jordana said...

That's so nice you guys got to get away without kids! I need a good shopping trip soon. I know what you mean about Galaxyland, it's not that fun anymore, except for kids. But I still love going on rides!

Tim and Ashlee said...

A get away would be so awesome. I could totally use one. Looks like you guys had a blast.

The Harker Family said...

I loved the part about "exile island". You are hilarious! Oh and love the pic of you in Le Chateau! Great store.

Lynn said...

Wow. It's kind of weird to read about all the places that I lived and worked practically 24/7 way back when it was still new. I haven't been there in years now. I wonder if it would feel boring to me after all this time....
Looks like the shopping is still good, though!

I'm glad you guys got to get away for a nice weekend. You're both so fun.

Elysa Johnston said...

I'm so glad you had an awesome trip, you deserved it! I would have been freaking out at the shooting range too, actually you're braver than I would be to actually go in!
Sweet background too, you have AWESOME taste! I was confused for a sec and thought I was still on my blog, lol. I was like what the??

Ashley Woolf said...

Its always nice to get away.... and every parent needs it to be a better one!!! it refreshes you. that cool you saw carey hart... i wonder if pink of there too!!
Don't feel like a wuss with the gun... I will never shot a gun in my life and i am scared of them and hate when i am around them too. i would have cried...i bet you kids where so happy to see you guys!

the fellers said...

I am glad you guys got away, much needed I am sure with how much he is working! I hope you have a great week!

The Dudley Bunch said...

I haven't been to west ed since our honeymoon...like a million years ago. I would love to get back there, it is so fun!

Alison said...

Just so you know I would probably have been crying too with the gun thing. I couldn't even touch an unloaded one at Ryan's parents house. They freak me out. Glad you had a good trip besides that though.

Sarah McDonald said...

Yah right Mindy I know exactly why you don't have more pictures but maybe a new baby bahahahahahahahaha JUST KIDDING! or am I?