Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day!

We got invited this last week to a kids Valentines party at the Fitzner's and it was too cute. The kids had a blast and she went all out with crafts, games, and food.

I love this chair the girls are on, I think I might steal it from her.
Oh and Presley's eye is from me beating her.
Actually it's from Kyla, who was whipping around a wand and accidentally hit her in the face, poor kid.

Running through the streamers

They had to dance and when the music stopped they had to sit on their heart.

They had to pick up all the hearts on the floor and put them in their bags

Presley thought this was more fun.

An attempt at a picture with all 3 girls, cute eh?

Picnic on the floor


The Kids, minus Cohen and Rilan

Since Dustin and I are doing Valentines Day this weekend we wanted to still make it special for the kids, so we plastered the floor with chocolates and got them each their own little gift. We set it all up for them to wake up too. They loved it.
Presley wasn't quite feeling it.

(Yes I know those are Easter Chick Kinder Eggs, but that's all they had left and like they'll know, right?)

Then like the good mom I am, I made them heart pancakes with whip cream and strawberries for breakfast.

And I had to make myself one of course, it is after all my favorite breakfast. Yes it's as big as the plate.....don't judge.

All dressed up for church. (Can you see the hair? Yep, it's coming in curly! And SO cute!!)

Happy Valentines Day, Love the Francis Fam!


Mindi said...

Love that you gave them valentines things when they woke up, just like easter baskets or stalkings! Love it!

Korey said...

So cute! It looks like Love hit your house hard! You are such a fun mommy. The girls are adorable. <3

(And I had to laugh at Mindi's post... stalkings... I'm sure it's supposed to be stockings, right??? Or is there something I don't know about your family? LOL)

The Harker Family said...

Ah, so cute! Looks like you had a blast!

Heather said...

So cute to do valentine gifts!
lol @ "don't judge"
and those flower headbands? The flowers are seriously HUGE.

Morgan said...

What an adorable shot of the family! So cute.