Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Now can you tell?

So here they are at 15 months! Big eh? I think Jayci has bigger eyes than Presley, and a wider head/face. They have such different personalities too. Jayci runs around laughing literally ALL day, at nothing! Presley is more laid back and it's a little harder to get her to smile sometimes, she gives you this look that is so funny. I'm trying to get it on camera, but she like tilts her chin down and looks up at you with just her eyes, it's almost a glare. They have also learned how to scream. Not yell... but an ear piercing scream. They are getting so smart and I can see their little brains working when I talk to them. They also know what i'm saying which I love. They play with each other all day and if one wakes up before they other, they seem SO bored and lonely, it's so cute. Then when I go get the other one and they see each other they get the hugest smiles on their faces. Almost like their thinking "Oh there you are!" These girls entertain me all day, they are so funny. Kyla is now trying to be like them. I think we are going backwards with her somedays. She is my best little friend and great big sister/teacher for the girls. She definately has the boss/mom thing down.
Oh. my sweet girls. I want more. Crazy am I? well....later ;)

So that is just a few things I can think of between them that are different. I'm sure i'll think of more later.
How cute is that first picture, they sure love each other.

I definately can tell them apart now, can you?

Here, I finally caught the face Presley does, it's not quite there but she is hard to get pictures of! And of course Jayci and her "happy all the time" face!

Oh and I guess i'll tell you Jayci is on the right, Presley left.


Ashley said...

They are cuties! Isn't this the funnest age? I know I love it. And to be honest, I can tell there is a slight difference between them, but I still can't really tell them apart. I think it's a mom thing that you can!

amieandmichael said...

Presley totally has different eyes. I think Jayci looks a lot more like Kyla....? I look forward to having kids I can laugh at... haha

Megan said...

My boys do the same thing when one of them wakes up later. They run to each other and hug. It's cute.

Angie said...

i totally geussed wrong! i think it's just because you are their mom that you can actually tell them apart! they are getting so big and looking so cute!

the fellers said...

I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Presley has bigger cheeks, right? They are so cute...I love that they love to see each other, lets hope it stays that way when they are teens...also, I have the same issue with Scoty, he tries to be like Rylee all the time, it drives me CRAZY! I am like, you can talk, so please, dont scream and grunt when you want stuff! ugh!

Tim and Ashlee said...

I suck. I totally can't tell them apart!

Alison said...

I can finally tell them apart!! It's mostly in the eyes. But just one question, did you have anything to do with making any of your girls?! They all look like Dustin! haha Very cute kids you have though!

Lynn said...

It's still hard for me to tell the difference in any identical twins. I guess you have to be their mom or a sibling to truly know them.

My husband is one of 15 kids and he has two sets of identical twin brothers. I still can't tell the difference between them sometimes. It's funny cause when my husband and I started going out, he insisted that his brothers were NOT identical and VERY easy to tell apart. I had to laugh and laugh when his mom told him that his twin brothers WERE identical. My husband didn't even know that. LOL! I guess to him, he could easily tell between them all.

Cute babies you've got!