Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Things

So here is 10 (of many) things I have learned over the past 3 years since i've become a mom, and this is only me so adjust accordingly!

1. Your children get to tell you when to start the day with no time to adjust to waking up
2. dress comfy- pajama pants and husbands XL shirts will do
3. You get to shower and eat on your own time only
4. Don’t even look in a mirror
5. You don’t make money (unless you get a government cheque ha) so you just get to steal your husbands, which is just as much yours as his
6. You must have serious amounts of patience
7. You don’t get sick days…ever, just suck it up
8. The house must stay clean, not because you care what people think but so you can actually live in it all day without going insane!
9. You have to have some knowledge on how to cook, even a little bit for your children to survive (which I now love to do)
10. Have lots and lots of LOVE!


Kaylee said...

Hey thanks for the help!!! I got it figured out! I'm a little comp. illiterate! haha

the fellers said...

well put!

The Evansons' said...

That's cute Mindy. My list would be exactally the same!

Ashley said...

So true. The funny thing is that you always look fabulous so YOU really don't need to worry about not looking in a mirror!

Lynn said...

That list explains it ALL! So true.

Tim and Ashlee said...

Amen! I've totally noticed all of that just in these four short months that Kinsey's been around!

The Deegans said...

Love it! What a great post. :) Love the sick true!

D. said...

Very well put!! I don't even know why I own an alarm clock anymore!! Like clock work my kids are up AT LEAST 10 minutes before it goes off.

And the sick anyone else in my house gets the flu & I even feel a tiny bit ill its non-drowsy Gravol as soon as possible.

Such a great list of what being a mom really involves!!

Janas Bananas said...

Yep, that is the list of a mom....And even with all that knowledge we still would do it over a million times!!