Thursday, December 04, 2008

a little something cute...and no it's not a picture of my kids, that's what I thought too!

I get a weekly email from about how the babies "should" be progressing and it's fun, but they sent this to me today and I thought it'd be cute to share!
How to babyproof:
• Throw away the pennies. Just throw them away.
• What are those things anyway, the ones under the sink? They look dangerous, but you don't even recognize them. Oh! They seem to be "cleaning products"! Get rid of them.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to bathtub faucet, coffee-table edges, tile floor, and dog's teeth.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to baby!


Caroline said...

Mindy I also subscribe to the babycenter emails, and I got the same email. I also thought it was so cute! I had a good laugh!

Jessica said...

The next picture you put up of your babies better be them all bubblewrapped in glory!! Emails don't lie!