Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I need help

Ok so I have been so blessed with how great Kyla caught onto potty training and not having one accident....but I have mentioned this before she won't poop! I'm gonna call it #2 cuz we used to call it the when we were kids and it's funny! Kyla has always had issues with the #2, she hides! Everywhere! Under tables, blankets, in cupboards, behind couches, upstairs, etc. the list goes on. She also has had some constipation problems, she gets constipated really easily so I have to limit her dairy and give her lots of fruit etc. Anyways so she has been potty trained for over a month now and when she has to go #2 she has a hard time getting it out so it's like nothing but enough that I have to clean up a mess! And then a few hours later she does it again! Anyways I am needing some pointers on how to get her to poop in the potty! Help me cuz I am sick of cleaning poopy panties!!!!


Lynn said...

We had the SAME problem with one of our kids. It was embarrassing to us when we when out somewhere, cause there was our kid under someone's table trying to "push out" what was painful and not be noticed.

I went to the doctor about this and I have heard from SEVERAL other people too, this same problem with their kids.

The doctor said, to just be patient. Some kids intestines still are growing and developing and need to get stronger to be able to do what they are suppose to do.

Just keep on doing what you are doing diet wise.....eventually she will get it. And this was something else the doctor told me about the hiding part......"Just remember they are embarassed too. That's why they hide. They are trying. But it just isn't working just yet for them and they don't want people to notice that."

That was the nail on the head for me. : D

Anyway....that is my advice and sympathy for you. TOTALLY!

Francis Family said...

aw thanks Lynn! That's great advice! Also I can't get on your blog anymore, your probably thinking i'm so rude, sorry. I appreciate all your comments on my blog!

Lynn said...

Nope! Just thought you busy. No problem. : D
Glad you told me. Just sent you a new invite via your hotmail.

Janas Bananas said...

Well I was just going to say..I think there is nothing you can do,just wait it out. I had a few kids do that and one took about 3 months. The other took a year off and on, just when I thought she had it....she would start again. POtty training is Gods way of testing us on how much we love these kids!!! hehehe....I dreaded potty training everytime, I am sooo glad I am done. My only peice of advice is strip her naked and see what happens..You may have to choose between cleaning poop off the floor or panties. But I promise that the floor clean up will stop faster then the panties one....Good luck!...Motherhood and all the wonderful things that go with it are just begining....mwahahahhahahahha......

Johannes and Megan said...

Hadley has had a problem with the constipation thing too. I give her soy milk at least once a day. She loves to drink milk, but if she only drinks cow milk, she has problems. I think that might help to make it easier for her to go at least.