Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepy Babes

I have found my girls just randomly sleeping in places this past week. Kyla has been waking up early a lot and so she is exhausted and just falls asleep wherever she is. I also found Jayci sleeping in the Jolly Jumper while I was on the phone. I love when they are sleeping, maybe it's cuz they are quiet! ha no cuz they are so cute sleeping.

And here is some random fun ones. Kyla and her potty training. Which was more than successful, she has had no accidents in two weeks! Lucky me eh? Oh ya she walks around with these headbands on, she puts them on herself obviously. Super cute eh??

Her potty chart all filled up, she is very proud of it can you tell?

Best friends

The cutest girl on the block don't ya think? And I get 3 of them!!

Reading to the babies!

I love how Jayci is looking at it too.


Lynn said...

Oh, I SO agree. Those are the cutest pics.

Ashley said...

I love the pictures of them sleeping. It really is the best when they are asleep. So peaceful on so many levels.

Mackenzie said...

so cute! um, i love the headband, could i please take some pics with that on? kthxbai. that's so funny, random falling asleep all over!

Christine Peterson said...

i like how jayci is reading the book too! cute, or is that a menu from BP's ha ha how do I know that! Pretty sad of me huh lol

the fellers said...

they are so cute!!

Kaylee said...

Mindi they are all getting so big! They're darling!

Kels said...

i absolutely love the pic of kyla sprawled out sleeping on the floor! ha. that is great. and the one with you and her. cute. at least they sleep, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mind! Your family is so beautiful! Are you going to be in Cardston for Christmas? Brendan and I should be heading that direction boxing day or something like that. We'd love to meet up with you guys and see your two new girlies!

Kimmy (Yuill)

Jessica said...

Darling girls!!! That potty pic with the headband is DEFINITELY a keeper.