Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well I hate not having a computer that works, I can't upload any pictures lately and I'll be surprised if this even works. We are hopefully getting a new one in the next couple months. This summer has gone by pretty quickly. Not too much has happened we just took our first holiday last week and went to Taber and Cardston to see the families. We also got the babies blessed in Cardston on the Sunday. We decided to do a small family blessing after church in the releif society room and it was amazing. I am so glad we did it like that. It was so much more personal and spiritual. We had about 30 people there and it was great. We headed back to mom and dad's after for a light supper and it was so much fun. We were originally planning on blessing them in July when Presley went into the hospital so we had to wait until now. They looked adorable in their dresses and I loved them. I wanted something plain but cute and a little different from eachother so they were perfect. I hope I can upload some pictures on here but I doubt it. We also got to see Brandon and Kristy's little baby Gavin. He is a cutie and it is so weird seeing Kristy as a mom and also having a boy in the family. He is the first boy in our family, it's just to bad they live in Oregon cuz we will hardly get to see him. Distance sucks when you grow up and get married. I'm glad our move here is only temporary only cuz I miss being around my family. I do really like it up here in Fort Mcmurray, anything anyone has ever said bad about up here is wrong cuz we love it. The ward is great, the people are great and you have everything you need up here. We live in a great community and Dustin has an amazing job. We are really happy. So our luck has sort of taken a turn for the better, we rented out our Condo finally and the couple is great that moved in, they are newlyweds so it was perfect for them. We did have one tiny little thing happen, ok it was a big stupid thing. While we were on holidays Dustin's mom and I and the kids went into Lethbridge to do some running around, well our first stop was the wrong place and we came back out into the van and it wouldn't start, yup it broke down. Luckily we were in the parking lot of Canadian Tire. But we had to call and tow company to take our van into the garage of canadian tire, we had to pay $50 for a tow truck to get it around the stupid corner. Anyways it ended up costing $1000.00 to fix our van. Yup we have good luck eh? ha well it could of been worse, we could of been on the highway in the middle of nowhere while we stopped to feed the babies. I guess I just try and look at the bright side of our crappy situations! haha. Well we are back home and happy now and are starting to get ready for Christmas...well thinking of what to get everyone. I realized I need to start planning a lot sooner than I have been especially with how big our family is getting. Well that's a little update on our life lately and i'll try to get more on later, as you see I have one busy life!! But I do love it!


The Shurtz Fam said...

Sounds like things have been crazy! I saw the pictures of the blessing on facebook and those little twinners are sure cute! I loved the dresses.

Lynn said...

Sounds like an awesome baby blessing day!
We just got back from the temple today....we just realized how many people we know who are moving or have moved to Cardston. My husband really wants to move there too someday.
Speaking of seeing the blessings through trials......our temple trip bus was making these loud squeals half way from Calgary to Cardston today. As soon as the driver stopped and dropped us off at the West Stake for a special meeting first....he suddenly announced that we had NO brakes and that he was surprised we had even made it.
WOW! Here we were 2 1/2 hours away from home (53 people) with no way back home......and yet.....WOW! Thank goodness nothing happened while we were on the highway! Truly a blessing.
WE are back home now....they had to get another bus from High River come and get us. : S your blog. Your family is just darling! IF you ever want a peek at mine, just e-mail me.

the fellers said...

fun summer! I cant wait to see more pics, but I saw some on Facebook, so I am doing ok! Christmas? Wow, you are good....dang....I need to start to!!! huh

Angie said...

glad you had a good trip down south. i hope you'll beable to post pics soon!