Friday, September 19, 2008

How twins changed our lives!

This is to give you an idea of what a day in the life with twins is like.
6:00am babies wake to eat and Dustin gets up to go to the Gym
7:30am Kyla wakes up and comes into my room to wake me up and Dustin usually gets home not too long after
8am Breakfast and Dustin leaves for work. Usually the babies are still sleeping so I do the dishes from the night before, I don't do the dishes in the evenings cuz that is time I like to spend with Dustin and I don't want to waste that time cleaning
8:30-9amish Jayci and Presley wake up and lately when I go in their room I peek in their bed and they look up at me with these huge grins, it makes my morning when I see that. So we change bums, feed both, burp both, bath both and get dressed. Then I put them both in the swings and they go back to sleep. I play with Kyla, sometimes shower, or call Kristy. We usually talk at least every other day. I love her.
10:00 Kyla mid-morning snack (she gets grouchy when she is hungry, kind of like her dad! ;)
11:30 start thinking about lunch and what to make
12:00 feed Kyla lunch and change babies bums and feed. I'll do one first if one is waking before the other. I don't usually feed them together, I can and if they are both hungry and I will but I like feeding one at a time, it's more of a bonding time.
12:30 Kyla's naptime and the babies usually go back to sleep too, most of the time one of them stays awake and it's very rare when all three are sleeping, so I enjoy more that ever this time! I clean, shower, make phone calls, go on the computer, or sometimes only like once a month lay on the couch and nap or just rest. I LOVE that time! Oh and I eat lunch around this time finally.
2:30ish Kyla wakes up change her bum and I give her a snack then the babies usually wake up too and I chaneg their bums and feed them too.
3:30 start planning or getting dinner ready
4:30 make sure dinner is pretty close to being done cuz I know the babies will be hungry around 5ish
5:00 rush time, get dinner finished, get kyla dished up and then once again do the baby routine of changing bums and feeding.
6:00 Dustin gets home, eats and showers...oh ya somewhere in all this I eat too, usually when Dustin eats cuz the babies are all settled again and Kyla is happy. Clean up supper and tidy the kitchen
7:30 bath time for Kyla, Dustin usually baths her cuz he plays with her forever and then he gets her dressed and plays with her for a bit. She loves when Dustin gives her attention and I think he loves it just as much as she does.
8:00 babies get changed and eat again and Dustin gets Kyla ready for bed, teeth brushed, read a book, prayers, and tucked in
8:30 Kyla's in bed and babies are fully awake, they usually stay awake from the time dinner is getting ready till bedtime. Dustin and I usually play with a baby and see what is on TV that night, which we rarely get to watch cuz the babies always need something. This is a crazy time cuz the babies are wanting attention so nothing gets done cuz we each have one.
10:30 get the changed into sleepers and take them up to our room. I feed them in our room cuz they know that it's bedtime since i've fed them in there since they were born before bed. I feed one at a time, and Dustin burps them and puts them in their bed
11:30 they are finally in their room in their crib asleep and we get to go get ready for bed and maybe have some together time until I am to tired to even talk and I usually fall asleep...poor Dustin
But that is our day. Not too bad eh? We are very lucky to have such good babies. Of course not every day is the same but that's the jyst(sp?) of it. They usually sleep the entire night until 6am to eat then they go back to bed until "real" morning. I have figured out what I hate to do and thats do dishes and fold laundry. I don't mind doing the laundry but I hate folding it cuz there are so many little things to fold like sleepers, onesies, baby cloths, etc. People usually wonder what it's like with twins and now you all know. I will try and keep this up and let you know as the girls grow, what changes we have. I think this blog is going to be more of a journal for me until we get a new computer cuz I can't upload pictures, sorry. I do put some on facebook every once in a while but until then....enjoy!


The Shurtz Fam said...

Sounds like a crazy life!!

Lynn said...

WOW! That sure brings back some memories of my days when I ran a day home for little newborns. Besides my three older ones, I had a newborn of my own and two other newborns that were dropped off at my house at 7:00 am and picked up at 7:00 pm.

But I couldn't imagine keeping all three newborns all through the night too. Way to go! You sound SO organized. Glad to see that you are still eating and sleeping sometime in there for yourself too. : D

Angie said...

wow, i don't know if i could do it mindy! they sould like they must be good babies. (Howie is still waking like 4 times a night) but it would still be so hard.

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness Mindy! That is crazy!!! Now you really make me fear ever having twins! Here I am feeling sorry for myslef because I find it so hard to have a 3 year old and a 4 month old. I couldn't imagine throwing in another baby into that! It must be so hard to always juggle two babies, and then Kyla. But it sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job! Glad to hear the twins sleep all night! Wow!!! Cadrien is still up every 2 or 3 hours at night! Yuck! Well we miss you out here in Okotoks!

The Evansons' said...

You have a busy life, I think I counted like 8 times a day changing diapers and that is times 2 for you. Don't you get sick of changing bums? I do!! I am totally the same with laundry, I'll do it, but I HATE folding. I put it off for as long as possible!

the fellers said...

wow, you have a great routine for them! You are handling it well, and it sounds like they are great babies and that Kyla is amazing too! I like the new look!

Jake & Kelsey said...

wow. you are lucky the twins are so good eh! you must be pretty organized.

Janas Bananas said...

Well its always good to have a scheduale. Just wait till school starts!!! The school routine Its a love hate relationship. But sounds like life its going good and as smooth as it possibly can. P.s..I hate laundry too!! it never ever ends!