Saturday, April 19, 2008

To answer your questions

So I got this idea from someone else and I loved it. This is a post to answer everyones questions about what is going on in our life lately. Alot of people have been asking me the same questions, so here I am to answer them. I find it way easier to do it this way so I don't have to write the same thing over to different people. I'm so grateful for everyone and their support through this pregnancy, it has sure meant a lot and I hope I can do the same for you.

What is the sex of babies?
We are having 2 more girls, we have had 4 ultrasounds so we are pretty sure that we can count on it.

Are they Identical or Fraternal?
We don't know yet, they won't be able to tell until they are born since they are in their own seperate placentas and sacs, it's a 70% chance they are fraternal, and 30% that they are still identical. They can do a test on the placentas when they are born, or even a simple DNA test to see.

When are you actually due?
My original 40 week due date is July 15th, but full-term with twins is 37 weeks and that is June 23rd. as long as I make it to 34 weeks we are happy cuz that way we can deliver in Fort Mcmurray. They won't deliver me up here before 34 weeks because they don't have a NICU so if the babies need extra care we will get flown to lets hope not.

Why are you on bedrest?
At 24 weeks I started to cramp and went into preterm labour. I am dialated 1cm and my cervix is funneled or effaced 2 cm. They were able to stop it and now I am at home and practically live on the couch. You can read more details in one of my earlier posts about our scare. I can't do any straining or stand for too long. It is very frustrating and definately a sacrifice for me, but i'm willing to do anything for 2 healthy baby girls.

How are you feeling?
Huge! I am growing like you wouldn't believe, I can't believe what our bodies can do as women, it's amazing. I have been measuring weekly and i'm bigger everytime. It's hard sleeping, sitting, walking, standing...really nothing is comfortable anymore. I know I sound like i'm complaining a lot, but trust me it's really starting to wear me down. It's even harder to breathe, and both babies are head down right now and it is a lot of pressure and weight down there. I am really starting to hurt in the area where your legs connect to your pelvis, like my groin area or something. ha I dunno...but I can hardly walk anymore cuz it hurts so bad. Needless to say I feel for anyone who has to be pregnant with twins!

Do you have to have a c-section or can you go naturally?
If everything goes right and the first baby is head down, then I can probably go naturally. They can always try to turn the second one around if it's breach...or if they can't I might have to have a c-section to get the second baby out, which is my nightmare to have both. If there are no complications then i'll have them naturally. I am hoping that I won't have to have a c-section, I don't want a long hard recovery especially after already being on bedrest for 3 months.

Does Kyla understand what's going on?
I'm not too sure, she knows mommy has 2 babies in her tummy but who knows if she 'really' gets it. She'll be a great big helper though cuz she is quite the smarty pants and I think she will love these little babies when they get here.

Do you have names yet?
Yes we have one definately that we like and a few other ones we are deciding between. No we aren't sharing what they are, i'm all about surprises and I don't want peoples opinions. We already shared what the sexes are so we want something to be a surprise. We didn't originally even want to find out the sex of this pregnancy we never did with Kyla, but then we found out it was twins and I am all about preparation and it's a little easier with twins if you know what they are. If we name them and someone doesn't like them, well too bad cuz thats what they are!

Are you ready for the babies?
Nope not even close and I only have 6 weeks left! We are in need of clothes for newborn and preemie sizes. We got lots given to us but most of them are 6mo-2yr sizes. I am going to be doing a lot of online shopping! Jill and Travis are picking up our stroller and carseats in Edmonton in a few weeks for us. We aren't too concerned about the cribs quite yet cuz we have a bassinet we will probably use for the first bit. Especially cuz they'll be in our room for a while. I did find the ones I want though, so we'll order them when we want. I'm hoping everything else will just fall into place. Oh and i'm making baby quilts but I still have to order the material for them, but im not too concerned of getting them done in time seeing as I have no life...I am in need of a project!

Well I hope this has answered most of your questions and i'm thankful for all your concerns about our situation. It has been hard but only 6 more weeks and we can relax and not worry anymore...but then I guess the real fun begins when they get here eh? Oh they joys of life!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mindy! I love your updates. I did have one question that you didn't answer. Do you have to have a c-section with twins, or can you deliver naturally? I have no idea since I have never had anyone really close to me have a multipul birth! Hugs from down south!

Angie said...

Thanks for the updates! i hope everything continues to go okay!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for answering my question. Hopefully everything will go well and they will stay head down!

the fellers said...

that is a great idea, just to answer all the questions in one whammy! I wish that I had the will power to keep the baby's name from people, but I know I would slip! WAY TO GO! And as for the pain where your legs and pelvis meet, I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I know i only have one in there, but with Scoty I never had that, and this time, it is killer! especially after you sit for awhile (which you do a lot, so i am so sorry)...I hate it, but only 6 weeks, that is great Mindy! I hope all goes well!

The Shurtz Fam said...

I'm glad you updated us all this way. I hope the rest goes okay for ya!

Meagan McCance said...

Thanks for the update!! I'm glad to know things are going well and you are keeping those little ones safe. Keep us updated!!

Ashlee said...

Glad things are going well. I can't believe you have names picked out. We're not even close to anything.

Kristy and Bandon said...

MINDY!!! CAPRI FINALLY MADE ME GET A BLOG!! LOL ill add pics and all that when get home. but take a look! hahaaha well kyla is so big now! and u tumy is biig! well love ya