Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cram em all in

The children I mean. In our house. Our tiny townhouse. What were we thinking?

Right now this baby hates sleep. He's like, hell no guys. I've let him cry to sleep for naps which is like 15 mins, yay. But bedtime... He shares a room with Kyla so she comes out in minutes "I CANT SLEEP!" Poor girl. So she is in our bed and he's crying it out. This is the first night I've let him cry at bedtime. Now before everyone gets all judgy on the CIO (cry it out) as people call in now, I did it with all my girls and it worked and they could sleep through a tornado. So there. 
But anyways, the other 3 girls share a room as well. These rooms are side by side. You can see how that goes over well. 
We are buying a house this year if it kills us!! For reals this time. I CANNOT wait. But really when trying to buy an $800,000 house it doesn't happen overnight. So we decide to have babies instead... 

This house NEVER is clean. If it is it's when all the girls are in school and Laken doesn't move. It's messy in literally seconds with this many people. I don't know how we are doing it in here but we are! We are amazing. I know. Just kidding, I know people have it worse than us, bla bla bla. So I'm so grateful for our home. Actually no I can't even write that out, it's a lie! I hate this house. 
Both of us are working as hard as we can this year to get our house. Our realtor will hate me because I know exactly what I want. Yes "I", because really all Dustin cares about is the basement layout and that we get a garage, which is where he will proudly display all his hunting. Those animal heads are not allowed on my walls. He married the wrong girl for that. Like can you say, nightmares?! Creeeepy. Plus we all know how much I love animals... 

Anyways, that's what we are up too lately. I've said this before but we are taking donations. 
Anyone? Anyone at all. Someone's gotta feel bad for us enough don't ya think? Some rich oil guy maybe. We tried winning the dream home, nope that plan didn't work. I guess we actually have to work for it now. Stupid. 

It's all stupid guys. Anyways I am nursing Parks to sleep again... That worked well didn't it? 
I was hoping to blog longer but this will have to do. I have so much to update on. Next time. 

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