Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Oh goodness. My patience is gone and I'm spent. It's like I'm the energizer bunny and I have no choice to keep going and going... 

Oh sweetie you peed your pants for the hundredth time, sure I'll help you get new ones. 
Oh you don't want that for supper? No problem, you can be done. 
You have no clean clothes? Sure I'll wash them. 
You're fighting with your sister AGAIN? Sure I'll referee that damn chaos. 
You don't like the 100 shirts I bought for you? You bet just keep wearing your favorite 3, no problem hunny!
You want to scream and laugh in the shower while your baby brother is napping, go for it. Sing some songs while you're at it. Or slide around on the floor of the tub. That's super quiet when you do that. You bet.
You wanna argue with me over why you got in trouble? Well I'll just stop and you tell me how I should of handled that. You are after all. 8. You're the smartest in the land! 
Oh hi girls, welcome home from school, just plow through the house and throw your school papers wherever. I'll get to them later, it's all good. Alllll good my friends. 
Your sister had the iPad and wants to play minecraft and you don't like it because you want to play so you stole it and told her she's not allowed. You are totally right. If anyone gets to play, it's you. Duh.
Is your mitten not on right? It's ok just keep freaking out in the grocery store while I get your brother in his car seat. It totally helps. In fact just keep saying it over and over. That ALWAYS works. 

Some days it's like a downward spiral eh? Some days I don't want to have the patience for these shenanigans. That's a really ugly word written out by the way. Shenanigans. 
Anyways, they know how to push your buttons some days! I love my kids, I really do. But man alive. If I could record my days sometimes I'd make a fortune. Not everyday, but some. You just gotta keep going though! No one else is going to do it for ya. No one else can be their mom or dad. In amongst all this chaos tonight, lucky Dustin gets to run off to work while I get to tuck these 5 kiddos to bed. It's more like throw them in, put the blankets on, kiss, see ya. Pure bliss right there. 

Well. Tomorrow's a new day.
got this. 

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Jenna Ririe said...

I feel like this is one of those things, that you will look back at and laugh. Maybe even miss?! Hang in there girl. You're doing great.