Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween part 1

The girls got invited to a kids Halloween party on Saturday at my friend Amanda's house and she hired me to come and do some photography there. She had this little area all set up and I did shots of each of the kids there. It was super cute! I am so glad she did that so I could get decent shots of the girls in their costumes!

Kyla wanted something really scary. Man this kid is just like her dad. We went into the Halloween store here and she ate it up, she even wanted to go into the back which is the scariest section. She originally wanted to be a dead cheerleader but the costumes were cheapy looking and not the best, then she wanted Monster High, then we found the Dead Prom Queen and that was really scary so she liked that one. She rocked it!

The twins on the other hand walked into the halloween store and started freaking out. Pretty sure they thought they were gonna die. I totally swore walking in because these stupid huge spiders jump out and you and scared the crap outta me. Anyways, it was a total gong show with Jayci and Presley, they were TERRIFIED. So we stuck them in the car while we quickly picked out the costumes we needed. They wanted to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, they picked it out when I was scrolling for ideas online and I thought, no that's ugly, so I re-vamped it a bit... ha.
I ordered the tutus because I like to be crafty but i'm not crazy, so ordering was WAY easier for me. Sometimes it's so much easier to have someone else make it and pay to save time and work. I also ordered their hair pieces from there too. I did make the shirts and the tights are from the Halloween store. I think they looked super cute and can't wait for all of them to dress up for school Tomorrow. Trick or treating on the other hand will be in parkas and we'll have to haul out our sleds with the dogs. Just kidding, you think I own dogs?? ha. Never. We have had SO much snow this last week, it's insane, depressing and I HATE it.

Laken's costume was easy. Britt was at costco and called me and told me how cute it was so I said, get it! And that's it. She looked comfy and warm and cute! There were 3 Zebra's at the party though! It was funny.
She wasn't feeling the pictures so I only got a couple of her. My fav is her fishy kiss face. I just want to grab it and kiss it!

 Here are the costumes! Kyla did all her posing on her own, all I did was say "act like your dead"... so she did!

My very own Thing 1 and Thing 2!
Don't they look way too grown up?? When did this happen?

And Peanut the Zebra.

 (see, the cute fishy kiss face!)

All four gals! Yup Laken is eating a caramel apple...

So tomorrow is both Halloween parties at the school and then we have Trick or Treating with The Andersons, should be a fun filled, busy day!
Then Thursday we go to Edmonton! Just Dustin, Jayci and I. It's time for Jayci's surgery... I'm freaking out inside about it but anxious for it too, then she can finally be healthy and i'm not worried everytime someone is sick so she doesn't catch it. Her surgery is Friday and she has to stay over night in the hospital one night and we will be back Saturday night hopefully. Jill is watching the other girls for us, thank goodness because it's going to be a lot to deal with so it's so nice they were able to take them for us.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween tomorrow and i'll post all about our day and the surgery when we get back! :)

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Kaeloni said...

Your girls are too cute! Love their costumes! Hope the surgery goes well!