Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Tar Sand Beetle

So it is scorching hot here this week and yesterday was day 1 of the hot weather so we enjoyed it with our favorite people! The Anderson's! We had soccer in the morning and then went over for BBQ mini pizza's and running through the sprinkler. I love being in the sun so I'm going to try and get the kids out ever warm day we have this summer. I promised myself this past winter that when summer came we'd be outside everyday possible and not take one warm day for granted!
So that's what we are going to do!

Laken looks tiny in this picture way down there! 

Cooling off with some freezies!

 So the reason for the title of this post is to tell you about the dreaded tar sand beetle, or June bug or whatever you want to call them. But they are ugly and you can hear them coming from a mile away. They sound like a helicopter and every one is afraid of them! They land on you and they'll take a chunk out of your skin. They cling to you too, you have to pull them off you! Kyla said she had one on her neck at school and she said she just pulled it off and threw it. I asked her if she screamed, she said no, I just pulled it off. ha

Here is a closer look of what they look like. They live near the oil sands, so we have a ton here!

 So yesterday at Jill's there was one on the window and luckily it was right when I was going to take a group shot of the kids cooling off in the shade.

Because I got to capture these amazing shots. They bring me so much joy.
This is when they first noticed it... The rest are just great.

Just pure horror in these kids faces! Especially poor Tobin! ha
 Kyla was just yelling and being a goof, she actually isn't really scared of them so hence why she is smiling and yelling. ha

Should be a fun summer!! ;)


Jessica said...

Poor kids! Looks like a good start for summer!

Jessica said...

Poor kids! Looks like a fun start to your summer!

Kelli Olsen said...

Is it bad that I'm dying laughing. Oh man. You caught some great shots. I've never even seen those bugs.

Jeff and Brit said...

Ahha oh man those pictures are awesome! Tobin looks like it's gonna eat him lol So funny!

AKutarna said...


smartkelly255 said...

oh the pics at the end are hilarious! oh and i freakin love your new blog header! adorable!! :)

Francis Family said...

Thanks smartkelly255! I was so excited to finally get a new updated one! and Kelli, no we laugh at them every time we see them! ;)