Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Santa

We finally wrote out the girls Santa letters the other day, and i'm hoping we will get the return ones before Christmas. If not i'll have to figure something out!

The little girls of course had to have me draw Dora and Boots, and they are obsessed with the Disney princesses lately so I added that to their list.

Kyla asked for a computer, Dora guitar and rainbow color (paints) I actually have no idea what the rainbow paints are, she just wants them because Emma asked for that. I guess I should find out what they are!

I am loving this posing stage Jayci and Presley are going through. They actually make decent pictures, and are so dang cute. So the other day I got a few randoms of them.

Jayci white, Presley pink

The signature "head tilt"
Now I have to get one of the 3 of them doing it.

I was hit with some sort of flu bug yesterday but I woke up at 5am throwing up, and was non stop all morning. It definitely wasn't morning sickness, this was way worse than anything i've had this entire pregnancy. Dustin stayed home thank goodness and I slept ALL day. I couldn't keep anything down, but that's the only symptom I had. I felt disgusting but didn't have a fever or chills, I just couldn't move. I'm doing way better today and can actually eat a little and drink some fluids, i'm hoping no one else catches in in our house before Christmas!

ps: I am so not ready for Christmas.


Jordana said...

What a cute post! Kyla is so good at writing and drawing, she must get her artistic talents from her mom. Cute pics of the girls. Jayna has the same shirt as Jayci and the same headband as Presley, gotta love Joe!

The Pratts said...

Cute!! We still need to write our Santa letters!

the fellers said...

oh I am sorry....sick is not fun, especially when you are trying to get stuff ready! Those pictures are so cute, and I LOVE the Santa letters, I guess I should do that with my kids....Scoty did one before his birthday in October, as an insurance that he would get what he wanted, either for his birthday or christmas....I should do it again and include Rylee this time!

The Harker Family said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Love the pics of the girls....I see a lot of Dustin in the twins as they get older, which I don't see at all in Kyla (she looks identical to you), so I bet Dustin is happy about that! Take care and get lots of rest!

Lynn said...

Get better soon!!

It's truly NO fun being sick at this time of year. ; (

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh the twins are such babes, Mindy!! Look at how big they are getting, wow! And girlfriend I feel you on the sick thing. I spent my night at the 24 hour clinic yesterday just dying with a severe bronchitis infection. I cannot sleep or eat. Yuck. But I miss you!!! Life has been busy!! I am moving to Chicago next week to finally be with the hubs and couldn't be more nervous or excited. And work has started to wind down for me and Christmas is almost here. And nope I am not ready either haha anyways get better gorgeous. Start to feel better and good luck with Xmas preps!! You can do it :) XOXO muah