Monday, September 18, 2006

A Drastic Change!!

I thought it was time for a change! A big one too! As you can see I went dark, really dark! But I absolutely love it. Dustin loves it too. We had a little mishap at first I streaked it and that didn't work out to well, it just went grey! Oops, oh well it looks good now. Well Nothin too much is new other than that. Kyla's growing up so fast, it's crazy! She is learning new talents everyday. She can now put her tounge into a loop!! I can't even do that. She just sucks on it and then there it is! It's so funny. Well we are still our happy little family!


Caitlin said...

I really like your dark hair Mindy, it looks really good. And in answer to your question, no we are not in 6th ward any more. We moved to Tuscany. We love it, but still we should get together some time. I love dark hair, I think it just looks warmer and more natural, I love it, you look great!

meaghan.p said...

LOOKIN GOOD MINDY! I love your hair, it looks so good, I am very impressed! It is fun to change your hair, because it is so easy to change back! BUT... keep it brown for a while it looks awesome!