Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our new baby

I thought I would start off this site with our latest big event, which would be the birth of our daughter, Kyla Mindy Francis. She was born on April 4th 2006, at 8:22pm in Rockyview Hospital in Calgary. I went through 20 long hard hours of labour, Dustin and my mom were with me the whole way. We went in at 2:00am the night before, and i was having hard contractions which were close together. I was dialated 6cm so they transferred me to the labour room. Well the contractions continued but nothing else did after about 5 hours. I stayed the same for a while, so they had to force my labour. After 15 long, exhausting hours, our baby girl was born! It was the most amazing experience ever, and after it was all done with, and the pain was over, it was totally worth it. This is Kyla only 2 days out of the hospital, what an angel! The other one is Kyla in daddy's arms! So cute!

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